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<ul><li><p> 2008-2009 </p><p>Maharani Foods &amp; Drinks LTD. </p><p>Head Office:- 730 Pershore Road </p><p>Selly Park, Birmingham, B29 7NJ. </p><p>TEL: 0121-472 0310 FAX: 0121-414 1290 </p><p> </p><p>PRODUCT CATALOUGE </p></li><li><p> 2 </p><p>Maharani Product List PIZZA CHEESES </p><p> Maharani GGrraatteedd MMoozzzzaarreellllaa CChheeddddaarr 7700//3300 ((66XX22 kkgg)) </p><p> Maharani GGrraatteedd MMoozzzzaarreellllaa CChheeddddaarr 8800//2200 ((66XX22 kkgg)) </p><p> Maharani GGrraatteedd PPuurree MMoozzzzaarreellllaa ((66XX22 kkgg)) </p><p> Maharani GGrraatteedd UUllttiimmaattee 7700//3300 ((66XX22 kkgg)) </p><p> Maharani GGrraatteedd UUllttiimmaattee 8800//2200 ((66XX22 kkgg)) </p><p> Maharani GGrraatteedd MMoozzzzaarreellllaa AAnnaalloogg ((66XX22 kkgg)) </p><p>MAHARANI PANEER </p><p> Diced Paneer standard size (500grams) plus 15% extra on Special Offer. </p><p> Paneer Catering Blocks (20 KG per box APPROX) </p><p> Paneer Box 2.2kg </p><p> Paneer Blocks </p><p> Paneer Offcutts </p><p>BUTTER. </p><p> Hollybush Unsalted Butter (40x250 grams) </p><p> Hollybush Salted Butter (40x250 grams) </p></li><li><p> 3 </p><p>CREAM </p><p> St. Ivel UHT Single Cream (12x1 ltr) </p><p> Kerry Maid UHT Single Cream (12x1 ltr) </p><p> Dairy Crest Double Cream </p><p>YOGURT </p><p> Natural Yog (10kg) </p><p> Sweet Yog Asli (10 kg) </p><p>OTHER CHEESES </p><p> Maharani Vegetarian Grated 200 grams. </p><p> Maharani Pure Mozzarella Grated 200 grams. </p><p> Maharani Red Leicester Grated 200 grams. </p><p> Maharani Vegetarian Cheddar Block </p><p> Maharani Mild Cheddar Blocks </p><p> Maharani Mature Cheddar Blocks </p><p> Maharani Red Leicester Blocks </p><p> Maharani Grated White Cheddar (10x1 Kg) &amp; (6X2 kg) </p><p> Mozzarella balls </p><p> Pamezon cheese </p><p> Kerry Maid Burger Slices (Formerly known as Golden Vale) </p><p> Bladen Mild Grated Cheddar (6X1 kg) </p></li><li><p> 4 </p><p>SAVOURIES </p><p> Panipuri (12,15 &amp; 16 approx in one box) </p><p> Papri </p><p> Chakri </p><p> Pharsi Puri </p><p> Tikha Para </p><p> Sweet Para </p><p> Hot Solapuri </p><p> Bombay Mix </p><p> Faradi Chevdo </p><p> Special Mix </p><p> Papdi Gathia </p><p> Sev Mamra </p><p> Imli Pani (Panipuri Water) </p><p>OTHER PRODUCTS </p><p> Maharani Khoya </p><p> Naan Bread (3 big naans is one pak) </p><p> All kind of Asian Sweets. </p><p>Note:- </p><p> Enquiries are solicited for all other dairy products. All the above products are halal produce We are wholesalers and distributors of Spinneyfield,Kerry Foods and Dairy Crest. We Stock all Kinds of Cheese, prices are available on request. These Prices May Vary as Per Market. </p></li><li><p> 5 </p></li></ul>


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