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  • 1. Pitch

2. Cinema Our film will be exhibited in mainstream cinemas as our producers are 20th Century Fox meaning we have a large budget and can afford to aim our film at a larger audience meaning we will make more money in return. For example we could choose cinemas like Cineworld, Odeon and VUE cinemas. 3. Later distribution This is the distribution of the film after the cinema, the ways in which we are going to exhibit the film will be from the traditional way of releasing DVDs but also on things such as Netflix and Lovefilm. 4. Audience Usually the target audience of most psychological thrillers is 18+, this is because they contain many disturbing characters with psychological illnesses. However a majority of psychological thrillers attract primarily females, aged 18-35. Research shows that women are more attracted to psychological thrillers, because they enjoy the mystery and story behind events that take place in thriller films. It has been shown that females prefer the intellectual side of the mental illnesses and strange psychologically challenging behaviour that features in psychological thrillers. We have researched a lot about all different types of thrillers and have decided we are going to do a psychological thriller, as we have a detailed idea and understanding of our target audience, and how to please our target audience with the appropriate film content. The images shown are of psychological films 5. Christopher Mintz-Plasse will play the 18 year old boy in our film and will play the part as the main character The father will be played by Antonio Banderas The mother will be played by Mila Kunis The daughter will be played by Chlo Grace Moretz 6. How will you market your film? We will market our film by producing eye catching and attractive posters. Furthermore we will make a film trailer for the film on Youtube, Facebook, twitter and on the TV to give potential audience an insight of what the film is going to be about. We will put our film posters onto the advertising banner across buses, billboards, regular newspapers. To make our film known we will make a logo for our film and put it on Facebook and Twitter to market our film. Film Posters are displayed on large billboards usually on roads and motorways and particularly aimed at Drivers. Our Film Posters is going to catch the audience out and visually challenge them into finding out more information via the trailer or any other ways the film is being promoted before its release. 7. Genre Our genre for our film is horror/thriller, as our film is based on a gang capturing a family. The production company would fit into it because the production company 21st Century Fox is quite a large company and if we put this film into that production company our film would get advertised a lot. 8. Location Our location is a deserted island in the Caribbean, we have chosen this because the plot for our film is that they go to a deserted island. Furthermore the Caribbean fits as they are going on holiday and overall this is the best location to fit our film. 9. crew The crew will contain of Camera crew Editing we have chosen Frdric Thoraval because of his type of style when he edits a film and we think he would be grate with Tim Burton Director- the director we have chosen is Tim Burton this is because of the uniqueness of his films and we would like to see him put this in an action thriller. 10. The budget Looking over the cost of different films and the cost of the camera crew and editing we have come up with the budget of 40. million 11. FAMILY GO ON HOLIDAY GET KIDNAPPED. DAD GETS KILLED MUM AND SISTER TAKEN TO SOME PART OF THE ISLAND BOY HAS TO FIND THEM.