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Charlie ParkerOrnithology

By Josh Chapman

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OrnithologyOrnitholgy was written by Charlie Paker and trumpeter Benny HarrisThe melody is played over the chord progression from How high the moonOrnithology is one of the most famous and played bebop tunes of all timeMany of the great jazz vocalist quote the melody whilst scatting, notably Ella FitzgeraldWhat do you notice?StructureInstrumentsMelodic devicesPlaying techniquesHarmonyTexturePossible ideasStructure: As written Solo (x3) As written ********Intruments: Drum kit Sax (x2) Trumpet Piano Bass Guitar (I goolged it )Sequences, mostly conjunct and diatonic although somtimes feels sporadic Improvised, virtuosic solosCall and responseHomophone texture2-5-1 progressionMore info... is a great blog post on the song and goes into great detailCan we watch the film bird?(Please)Thanks for watching!

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