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1. CHARACTER SKETCHES (PEN DRAWINGS) 2. In the first sketch as used a few aspects from the game Dragon Age II where I looked at the Templar armour design but made sure that I didnt completely copy the design of the character. 1ST SKETCH Drawing inspired by : 3. In this type design I went for a more unrealistic fantasy based character wearing the bulky pieces of armour and unrealistic body proportions, but the design of the armour looked very appealing to me. 2ND SKETCH 4. For the 4th sketch of the Peter Jacksons Gondorian soldier interpretation I tried to get the overall look of the character similar but making a few tweaks involving the boots and leg armour plates. 3RD SKETCH Drawing inspired by : 5. The final sketch created I added a background with the character, again I went for a more roman themed armour as you can see from the design of the chest plate and helmet. 4TH SKETCH