chapter one: the science of chemistry

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Chapter One: The Science of Chemistry . Day One . Syllabus Bomb bags Lab safety . Syllabus HIGHLIGHTS!!! . Expectations Be Prepared NO FOOD OR DRINK IN THIS CLASSROOM EVER!!! How do I get a good grade? Hall Passes Absences . Lab Manuals . MUST HAVE A SPIRAL BOUND NOTEBOOK - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Chapter One: The Science of Chemistry

Chapter One: The Science of Chemistry 1Syllabus Bomb bags Lab safety Day One Syllabus HIGHLIGHTS!!! Expectations Be Prepared NO FOOD OR DRINK IN THIS CLASSROOM EVER!!! How do I get a good grade? Hall Passes Absences

Lab Manuals MUST HAVE A SPIRAL BOUND NOTEBOOK Labs Completed with a partner but must be a collaborative effort Each partner is responsible to have the data before they leave the room Lab write-ups Completed usually the day after a lab and completed by each individual and treated as a QUIZ!!!

Lab Safety ContractMust be turned in with PARENT SIGNATURE AND YOUR SIGNATURE BY TUESDAY SEPT. 1st OR YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PERFORM ANY LABS UNTIL IT IS IN!!!! Starting the year off with a BANG!!! Whats in a Bomb Bag? Follow the directions in the lab manual Each group is responsible for their set of chemicals and equipment Everything must be returned in the same condition that you received it!!! Wipe down your area with a WET paper towel YOU ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY MUST WEAR GOGGLES AT ALL TIMES!!!!

bomb bag investigation Day Two Class Website

Whats in a Bomb Bag? Continue Lab Investigation where you left off yesterday!

Make sure you clean up!!! Bomb Bag InvestigationSafety Video Day ThreeLab Safety Equipment Uses and Location Fire Extinguisher Gas Shut-off Fire Blanket Safety Shower Eyewash Station Bucket of Sand Broken Glass Container Fume Hood

Finish Bomb Bag Investigation! Data in lab book before you leave!!! Bomb bag investigation lab writeup Day Four Lab Write-ups Treated like a quiz MUST BE COMPLETED BY YOU AND ONLY BY YOU!!! Room should be in a test-like environment Questions or clarifications on questions come see me!!

USE complete sentences!!!

Quiz lab safety Chemical Change Lab Physical properties Day Five WednesdayProperties and Changes() of Matter ChemicalsAny substance with a definite composition

Your daily life is filled with chemical reactions Process by which on substance or more substances change to produce one or more DIFFERENT substances Kinetic Molecular Theory (Physical States of Matter) Matter: Anything that has mass and takes up space

Three Phases Solid Liquid Gas Solid Liquid Gas1. Arrangement2. Movement 3. Volume Properties of Matter (Physical & Chemical) Physical Properties Determined without changing the nature of the substance Density, color, hardness

Chemical Properties Indicates how a substance reacts with something else Lecture Chemical vs. Physical Day SixThursday of Matter Physical vs. Chemical Physical Changes Identity of the substance does not change

Things to LOOK FOR!! in states of matter in appearance

of Matter Physical vs. Chemical Chemical Changes Identity of substance DOES change

Things to Look For!!Evolution of a gas Formation of a precipitate Release or absorption of energy Color Change

Physical and Chemical Changes Lab Finish Lab Lab Writeup Day SevenClassification Activity Day Eight Classification Activity You must have FIVE CATEGORIES based on similarities and differences Pure vs. Mixture Pure Substances Matter that has a definite chemical and physical properties Chemically combined Example: Compounds and Elements

Mixtures A combination of 2 or more substance NOT chemically combined Classification Activity Lecture review (chemical vs. Physical)Day Nine Day Ten Classifying Matter Review For QUIZ: Chemical vs. Physical Changes Quiz: Chemical vs. PhysicalMetric notesDay Eleven Metric System Group of units used to make any kind of measurements

Best known for its simpleness Why is it so simple?

Used all around the world with scientists

Metric System(Common BASE Units) Length



But how do we get to other units and what are they called? King Henry Died By Drinking Chocolate MilkWord Sort: Measurement Metric Scavenger Hunt Day Twelve Finish Scavenger HuntDay ThirteenFriday Metric Match game Day Fourteen Quiz: MetricDensity Day Fifteen Discovering Density LabDay SixteenDiscovering Density What is Density?

Does everything have a density and is it the same?

Discovering Density Lab You will obtain 4 samples

3. Reading Graduate Cylinders!!!


** Before you start you must read the lab and write a data table in your lab notebook and have it checked by me!!!!! Discovering density lab Lab Write-up Day SixteenThursday Calculating Density!! Mineral & Wood density lab

Day SeventeenFriday Using Density to Identify Mineral and Wood Samples You must complete the pre-lab questions and have them checked by me before you start the lab

You also must draw two data tables before starting the lab! Mineral & Wood density lab Review Sheet Day EighteenMonday Mineral and Wood Lab Write-upDay Nineteen Review Day TwentyTEST Day Twenty-One Separation Challenge Day Twenty-TwoSeparation Challenge You will be given iron, salt, and sand

Goal: Make a mixture Separate the mixture into the three substances

Separation Challenge Day Twenty-Three Separation Challenge Day Twenty-Four


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