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    Chapter 5 Guided Notes:

    Managing Risk with the IPDE Process

    5.1 The IPDE Process

    Risk factors are anything that increases the possibility of a .

    who take unnecessary chances can increase your level of risk and chance of conflict.

    Conditions that can contribute to the possibility of a crash include vehicles with:





    Roadway- and Environment-Contributed Factors

    Conditions such as , , and

    contribute to driving risk.

    Road construction, a in the road, or and

    also create risk for drivers.

    To process information properly, you must





    5.2 Identify and Predict

    First step is . You must know to look, to

    look, to look, and to look for.

    Zone Locations

  • Searching Ranges:

    Target-area range-

    Other Notes:

    An is a process of searching critical areas in a regular sequence.

    For an pattern, you should:

    1. Look ahead to your .

    2. Evaluate your zones and search for possible and

    path of travel.

    3. Glance in the .

    4. Evaluate your .

    5. Look ahead again to evaluate another .

    6. Check your .

    7. Glance in the .

    8. Check your and .

  • There are many restrictions to your line of sight such as:



    large vehicles

    weather conditions


    dirty windshields

    Explain the art of scanning:

    Selective seeing means that you identify and select only those clues and events that:

    1. .

    2. .

    List items to search for in a city:

    List things to search for on open highways:

    . is making quick glances to the roadway in front of your vehicle.

    Good scanning habits will help you identify sudden actions or conflicts such as:





    shopping center entrances and exits

    roadside stands and restaurants

    Be aware and search for other drivers who can appear from .


    When you , you take the information you have identified and


    Three major elements in the traffic scene that you must make predictions about are:

    the actions of other

    your control of

    the consequences of

    Predicting others actions

    Where might the

    other driver go?

    What action will other

    users take?

    Will I have an open


    If all zones are closed,

    where might a conflict occur?

  • Knowledge:



    5.3 Decide and Execute

    To a decision means that you that you have

    decided to do.

    You can decide to maintain your , , brake, or .

    Define Space Cushion:

    Lane Position Notes:

    You can decide to communicate with others by:


    vehicle position

    body movement

    Minimize a Hazard:

    Compromise Space:

  • Execute

    The important actions you will are

    Locked brakes make steering impossible because .

    Steering too much:

    Steering too little:

    Communicate by using the following:

    headlights, taillights, and brake lights

    parking lights and hazard flashers

    eye contact and body movement

    5.4 Using the IPDE Process

    Use the four steps of the IPDE Process in order.

    Identify the .

    Predict how they might affect .

    Decide .

    Then, .

    IPDE takes time to put into action.

    You must have time to identify and .

    You must have time to of others.

    The more the traffic situation, the it takes to carry

    out the IPDE Process.


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