Chapter 4. Study Guide Sherry Woods, Caywood Elementary School Lexington, TN

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<ul><li>Slide 1</li></ul> <p>Chapter 4. Study Guide Sherry Woods, Caywood Elementary School Lexington, TN Slide 2 Northerners fought in the Civil War because they thought it was wrong for the Southern states to leave the Slide 3 The four border states were: Slide 4 They were considered border states because they didnt leave the Union, but some of them owned Slide 5 Some people in the border states fought for the North while others fought for the __________. Slide 6 People in the border states remained citizens of the __________ ________ instead of joining the Confederacy. Slide 7 What is the name of the system developed in the South to keep the plantations operating after slavery ended. Slide 8 The organization set up to help former slaves was the Slide 9 General Shermans march to the sea was an effort to destroy everything in _______________ that could help the South in the war. Slide 10 When the Union army captured ______________________, the south was cut in two at the Mississippi River. Slide 11 T The most successful Union general during the Civil War. Slide 12 Which battle in 1862 convinced President Lincoln to issue the Emancipation Proclamation? Slide 13 Africans formed every kind of regiment except cavalry in the Civil War. True or False Slide 14 Reconstruction ended when the last ____________________ troops left the south in 1877. Slide 15 One state split in two over the slavery issue and became the states of ___________ and ________ ______________. Slide 16 Who took over factory, business, and farm jobs when the men from the North and the South went to war? Slide 17 Why were most Southerners willing to fight in the Civil War? Slide 18 _______________________ was led by President Johnson as an effort to bring the country back together after the Civil War. Slide 19 People who were not in the military are known as ___________________. (mostly women, old men, and children) Slide 20 The name insultingly given to Southerners who supported the government after the Civil War. Slide 21 What is the practice of separating people in schools, churches, and other public places known as? Slide 22 What is the murder of a political leader called? Slide 23 Who assassinated President Abraham Lincoln? Slide 24 What was the name of the famous speech given at Gettysburg? Slide 25 Which amendment ended slavery? Slide 26 Which amendment gave ALL people the right to vote regardless of race? Slide 27 Which amendment gave citizenship to all people born in the United States including former slaves? Slide 28 Once Reconstruction ended, white southerners again took political control and passed the ________ ________ to limit the rights of former slaves. Slide 29 Some southern states elected _____________ Americans to Congress after the war ended. Slide 30 Southern states were allowed to hold ______________, and choose their own state leaders after the Civil War was over. Slide 31 The Confederate leader who chose not to lead the north because his home state, Virginia had joined the Confederacy. Slide 32 After President Abraham Lincoln was killed, his Vice President, ________________________ became the seventeenth President of the United States. Slide 33 Which Confederate state was the first to rejoin the Union after the Civil War ended? </p>