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  • 1. ROOMS DIVISIONM.C.M. Morales

2. ROOMS DIVISIONThe major departments in therooms division are front office andhousekeeping. A few hotels may alsoinclude security and maintenance.These departments come underthe control of the Rooms DivisionManager or Director of Rooms. 3. ROOMS DIVISION MANAGERRooms division managersknowledge includes a completeunderstanding of hotel operations,specifically those operations involvingthe front office, housekeeping andbasic accounting procedures. 4. ROOMS DIVISION MANAGERA rooms division manager has thefollowing duties : Responsible for the supervision of employeesengaged in the operation of the front areas of thehotel. Coordinates with other departments in the hoteland maintains open communications w/ them tofind better ways to serve the guests. Maintains responsibility for staffing, purchasingand budgeting. 5. ROOMS DIVISION MANAGER Creates plans to maximize theaverage daily rate and percentage ofoccupancy. Handles customer complaints andsuggestions. Stays up to date with events takingplace in the market and with thecompetitors. 6. GUEST CYCLEPre-ArrivalArrivalOccupancyDeparture 7. FRONT OFFICE The front office department is headedby a front office manager. The Front desk area is directlysupervised by a front office manager He also assists the Rooms divisionmanger in compiling information forreports He works hand in hand with the RoomsDivision Manager. 8. Functions of the Front Office To sell rooms, which includesregistering the guests and assigningrooms To provide services such as handlingmail, telegrams and messages forguests and furnishing informationabout the hotel, the community, andany special attractions or events To keep accounts, determine credit,render bills and receive payments. 9. Sub Units of Front Office Front Desk looks after the registration of hotelguests and serves as communication andinformation Reservations handles reservations for roombookings Bell Service responsible for escorting guestsduring check-in and check-out, attending to theirluggage and doing errands for the Front Desk Telephone Exchange handles the TelephoneCommunication System to include: answeringincoming calls, receiving and disseminatingmessages, giving information to callers throughphone, placing and receiving long distance andoverseas calls, screening calls and other relatedmatters 10. Sub Units of Front Office Front Office Cashier responsible forthe settlement of guest accounts andother financial requests of guests Concierge/Guest Relations Assistance the section where any guest turns to forany kind of assistance like tour andtravel, directions to point of interest,confirmation of tickets and otherservices of this kind Airport/Transport Guest Assistance handles the transport of guests to andfrom airport or other transport terminal Business Center handles alltransactions in the business centerincluding computer services, fax, email,photocopy, souvenir items, etc. 11. Night AuditThe Night Audit Function:1. Posting the appropriate room andtax rates2. Verifying the accurate status of allrooms in the PMS3. Posting any necessary adjustment 12. HOUSEKEEPING This department is responsible for thecleanliness of the hotel. This department is responsible forcleaning the following areas: Public Areas lobby, restrooms, offices,reception areas, employee locker room, andmore Guestrooms elevators, corridors, stairs,guestroom Laundry preparation area, supply area,guest linen storage area 13. COMMON PERSONNEL IN THEHOUSEKEEPING DEPARTMENT Executive Housekeeper Inspectors (Room Inspectors) Room attendants Other housekeeping staff for laundry,linen, house-person 14. Safety/Training in the housekeepingdepartment Employee accident in the departmentare generally the highest in the hotelbecause of the large number ofworkers it employs and the physicalnature of the job Housekeepers should be highlytrained in using the equipment andother cleaning chemicals. 15. Types of Lost and Found Incidents Mislaid Property the owner hasunintentionally left the items behind Lost Property the owner hasunintentionally left the item behind,then forgotten them Abandoned Property the item wasintentionally left behind by the owner. 16. Proper handling of Lost and Found What to do with the item found: The date and time the item was found Description of the item Location where the item was found Name of the finder Supervisor who received the item What to do during claim:o The date and time it was returnedo Owners Name and other informationo Housekeeping manager returning the itemo Method of return(mail, delivered, or personal) 17. The Engineering/MaintenanceDepartment 18. The Role of MaintenanceGoals of the maintenance department: Protecting and enhancing the financial valueof the building and grounds Supporting the efforts of other hoteldepartments Controlling maintenance and repair costs Controlling energy usage Minimizing guests facility-related complaints Increasing the pride and morale of the hotelsstaff 19. The Role of MaintenancePreventive Maintenance: maintenanceactivities designed to minimizemaintenance costs and prolong the life ofequipment.Routine Maintenance: maintenanceactivities that must be performed on acontinual (ongoing) basis.Emergency Maintenance: maintenanceactivities performed in response to anurgent situation. 20. Managing Maintenance StaffingMaintenance AssistantsMust be skilled in: Engineering Mechanics Plumbing Electrician Carpentry Water treatment (for pools and spas) Landscaping Grounds maintenance 21. SAFETY AND SECURITY Implementation of safety and securitymeasures are important in runningthe business. For the protection and safety of theguest For the safety of the premise includingthe employees To avoid legal obligations/liabilities 22. SAFETY AND SECURITY Resources Internal Resources: Recodable LocksRecodable Locking System: a hotel guestroom locking system designed so thatwhen guests insert their key (typically anelectromagnetic card) into the guest roomlock for the first time, the lock isimmediately recoded, canceling entryauthorization for the previous guests key.Keycards: the electromagnetic card usedin a recodable locking system. 23. Safety Resources Internal Resources: Alarm SystemsInternal Alarm: a warning system thatnotifies an area within the hotel if the alarmis activated.Contact Alarm: a warning system thatnotifies (contacts) an external entity suchas the fire or police department if the alarmis activated. 24. Safety Resources Internal Resources: SurveillanceSystemsVCR versus CCTVClosed-Circuit Television (CCTV): a cameraand monitor system that displays, in real time,the activity within the cameras field of visionseveral cameras and screens may bemonitored in a single location.Emergency Plan: a document describing ahotels pre-determined, intended response toa safety/security threat it may encounter. 25. Safety Resources External Resources: Property InsurersWorkers Compensation: an insurance programdesigned to assist individuals who are victims ofa work-related injury or illness.Premiums: the price one pays for insurance.Claim (Insurance): a demand for compensationas the result of loss, injury, or damage.


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