Changes in a rocky shore community: an evaluation of monitoring

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  • OLR (1983) 30 (12) 927

    D330. Oil and gas

    83:6770 Meyerhoff, A.A. and M.T. Halbouty, 1983. Geol-

    ogists ponder billion bbl question [of where to find a 'giant' offshore oil fieldl. Offshore, 43(7):39-40.

    Two prominent geologists were asked where they would go to find a billion bbl oil field and why. Taking a calculated approach, A.A. Meyerhoff describes 3 areas: Barents Sea, Kara Sea, and off the east coast of North America. With a more specu-

    lative view, M.T. Halbouty concentrates on several sections of the Antarctic shelf. (jch)

    D340. Manganese nodules, etc.

    83:6771 Chudaev, O.V., N.S. Skorniakova, D.Iu. Push-

    charovskii, l.V. Kholodkevich and V.O. Khudo- lozhkin, 1983. Mineral composition of ferroman- ganese nodules from the central Pacific Ocean. Dokl. Akad. Nauk SSSR, 269(6):1444-1448. (In Russian.)


    El0. Apparatus and methods

    83:6772 Faubel, A. and L.-A. Meyer-Reil, 1983. Measure-

    ment of enzymatic activity of meiobenthic organ- isms: methodology and ecological application. Cah. Biol. mar., 24(1):35-49.

    Methods used to determine enzymatic decomposi- tion of organic matter by microbiota are adapted here for use in measuring short-term activities of meiobenthos from natural sediments. Methodolog- ical conditions necessary for reliable and sensitive measurement of proteolytic and hydrolytic (a- amylase and fl-D-glucosidase) activities were de- termined. Meiobenthic organisms appeared respon- sible for ~ 1 / 3 of total fl-D-glucosidase activity. Evidence for diurnal cycles in a-amylase activity is presented. Zool. Inst. und Mus., Univ. Hamburg, Martin-Luther-King-P1. 3, 2 Hamburg 16, FRG. (mjj)

    83:6773 Hawkins, S.J. and R.G. Hartnoll, 1983. Changes in a

    rocky shore community: an evaluation of moni- toring. Mar. environ. Res., 9(3):131-181.

    Most of the observed changes were related to biological cycles characteristic of each habitat; however, a large portion remained unaccounted for or unpredictable. The extent of these natural fluctuations is such that only the most gross

    pollution-induced effects could be assessed; pollu- tion monitoring along rocky shores is 'likely to be an unproductive investment of time and resources.' Dept. of Zool., Manchester Univ., Manchester MI3 9PL, UK. (ahm)

    83:6774 Mackie, G.O. and C.E. Mills, 1983. Use of the Pisces

    IV submersible for zooplankton studies in coastal waters of British Columbia. Can. J. Fish. aquat. Sci., 40(6):763-776.

    Net sampling estimates generally agreed with plank- ton densities calculated from estimates of 'mean interanimal distances.' Small organisms were count- ed better with nets, delicate gelatinous forms from the submersible. Observations via submersible are potentially valuable for providing information on vertical distribution, density, behavior, color change and bioluminescence. Recommendations are offered on instrumentation and observer training. Dept. of Biol., Univ. of Victoria, B.C. V8W 2Y2, Canada. (ahm)

    83:6775 Pennington, Michael, 1983. Efficient estimators of

    abundance, for fish and plankton surveys. Bio- metrics, 39(1):281-286. NMFS, NOAA, NEFC, Woods Hole, Mass. 02543, USA.


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