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<ul><li> 1. Project of charitable endowment: I help to learn Project status: call for action.Project manager: Gnezdilova Margaret, Russia, KrasnoyarskAudience: the project directed toward inmates of childrens homes of Krasnoyarsk(teenagers 14-18 years old ) Number of projects participants : 7 persons Projects development time : 40 hours.The length of the project: on continuing basis.Contact: gretheng.mg@gmail.com</li></ul> <p> 2. Photo of Projects Group: 3. Scope :Conception: Audience: Create a charitable fundinmates of Krasnoyarsks with the targeted use ofchildrens homes money on educational(teenagers 14-18 years programes for childrenold ) from childrens homes in Krasnoyarsk.Mission: To make additional Similar projects in education accessible to Krasnoyarsk has not children from orphanages. been created yet. 4. Projects sponsors: Solvent population of Krasnoyarsk. Men and women from 30 till 50 years old, who havefamily and children. People who have medium and high level of incomein the family. People who have active social position andwhistleblowers. 5. Projects partners:The project is implemented through partners-educational centers: 1. Academy - training center, http://akadem-edu.ru/; 2. Okey - school of foreign languages, http://okey-school.fis.ru/; 3. Das Boom dancing school,http://www.dasboom.ru/; 4. Locomotive - juniors and teenagers school ofsports dancing, http://lokodance.ru/; 5. School of creative photo,http://www.klatz.ru/photoschool. 6. Fundrising: Internet (web-money); Computer terminals : Qiwi, Platyozhka; Donation boxes, situated in the crowded places; Sponsorship from business companies andgovernment of Krasnoyarsk 7. As wellAll income from selling ofpens with logo and sloganof our charitableendowment:I help tolearn will be spend onachieving endowmentsaims ; Retail price of pens: 38RUB (smth. about 1EUR(one euro)); This pens will be sold inpopular Krasnoyarskschain of stationery shops,in bookstores and onsupermarkets cash desks 8. Identity of the project: Logo Logo of our charityendowment: Chick, which has hatchedfrom the egg, and now he issitting along on pages ofopen book. Chick is a duckling fromfairy tale The ugly duckling,which also was abandonedwith his parents, but after all,he became a beautiful swan. Open book - signknowledge, which is openI HELP TO LEARN and available for childrenfrom orphanages. 9. Identity of the project: Stylization of logo logo seems like it was drawn by a children, this signify, that children from orphanages want to tell about their problem to everyone and they are waiting for help from them. Form and lines of logo I HELP TO LEARN are simple for perception and pleasant to look at. 10. Banners design for computer terminalsQiwi and Platyozhkaya_pomogau.ruI HELP TO LEARN 11. Design of web-banner for project Is attached 12. Web-site of projectya_pomogau.ru The project will have its own web-site which willreceive all information about the project: workstatement of the Foundation, constantly updatedinformation about the partners of the Foundation, aswell as information about new acts of charity , andup-to-date information for program participants. 13. Projects designers :Project was designed by students of chief Advertising, Siberian Federal University, Institute of Business Management and Economics Russia, KrasnoyarskGnezdilova Margaret, 21 year, RussiaLishnevskaya Polina, 21 year, RussiaSafonova Marina, 21 year, RussiaMarinenko Anastasiya , 21 year, RussiaKokorina Mariya, 23 year, RussiaKalacheva Nataly, 21 year, RussiaBous Lyudmila, 21 year, RussiaProjects curator :Vydrich Nataly, lecturer of Business Management department of Institute of Business Management and Economics, Siberian Federal University.Contacts:nvydrych@yandex.ru+7-902-924-24-42 </p>