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Presentation re the State Library of South Australia's Centenary of ANZAC commemoration plans and some of the stories of soldiers that we have discovered in the course of the research.


  • 1. About Time : South Australias History FestivalCentenary of ANZAC 2014 - 2018PRG 280/1/19/235

2. WarningThis presentation includes adult themes and languageB 73105 Ron Blum Collection 3. The Chamberlain Collection500 glass plate negatives donated to the State Library byHerbert and Yvonne Chamberlain in May 1986.Lt. Colonel Herbert B.Chamberlain was bornSydney in 1921.He served during WorldWar II and the VietnamWar.He died in March 1996. 4. During the First World War 34,959* South Australiansenlisted for service.So the 500 soldiers of the Chamberlain Collection constitutejust 1.43% of those who enlisted.Among this 1.43% we have so far identified32 Killed in Action - 12 Died of Wounds63 Wounded in ActionA casualty rate of 107 or 21.4%* http://www.awm.gov.au/encyclopedia/enlistment/ww1/ 5. B 73108 Stratford-Sub-Castle (St. Lawrence) ChurchyardRon Blum Collection 6. Stratford-Sub-Castle (St. Lawrence) Churchyard. 7. 944475103112160192203212Killed in Action 8. No. 1061 Private Thomas PlayfordNorton Summit27th Infantry Battalion A.I.F. 9. This South Australian WWI soldier is onlyknown to us by his name above. If you areable to identify him please share his story.B46130_120 A.C. Tyson and FamilyB46130_156 McLeod and McCabeB46130_528 Unkown 10. B 46130/406No.3502Lieut. Thomas Sydney Ough Dealy,48th Battalion andAustralian Flying Corps. 11. SRG 76 S.A. Red Cross Information Bureau 12. http://www.family-ough.co.nz/Photographs_from_1917-18.html 13. No. 2802 Frank Henry DealyNo. 3502 Thomas Sydney Dealyhttp://www.family-ough.co.nz/Photographs_from_1917-18.html 14. Chronicle 7 Oct. 1916 15. Clift Family 16. No. 3014 Private William WoodroffeWilmington32nd Infantry Battalion A.I.F.William was born at Willochra on 24October 1887 the youngest ofWilliam and Victoria nee Bickfords 4children.Williams father died when he was 4months old.William, a farm labourer, enlisted inthe 32nd Battalion 6th Reinforcementson 15 February 1916 17. No. 3014 Private William WoodroffeWilmington32nd Infantry Battalion A.I.F.Williams military career was remarkable if for noother reason than he survived.William was wounded on 6 March 1917 when hereceived a gun shot wound (GSW) to his left arm.He was next wounded in July 1917 although theexact details are unclear.It was not until 28 August 1918 that Williamwas wounded for the 3rd time, this time witha gun shot wound to the head.Finally on 29 September 1918 re waswounded for the 4th occasion when hereceived a GSW to his left foot. 18. William was admitted to the Colliton HouseHospital in Dorchester where his foot wasamputated.He returned to Australia in April 1919.On 19 January 1925 William married LillianCarter.On 8 September 1925 their son Frank was born.William died at Daw Park on the 6 January 1970aged 82. 19. No. 2601 Private George Watson-Williams MM,born Southsea, Hampshire, England.Enlisted 5th Division Signal Company 4 May 1915.Served France, awarded the Military Medal forbravery in the field 1918. Returned to Australia1919. 20. Advertiser 5 January 1938 21. Advertiser 13 January 1938 22. No. 56 Private Harold Cox 23. No. 56 Private Harold CoxBorn Adelaide 2 May 1894Enlisted 3rd Light Horse Regiment atMorphettville 21 August 1914Served GallipoliPromoted CorporalServed FranceMarried Julie Gwen Scott at London1 August 1916Wounded in action October 1917Returned to Australia 1918Died 24 March 1956 24. B 46130/1No. 1221 Private Harry Victor Turner,born Caltowie, 10 May 1894.Enlisted 16th Infantry Battalion 14/9/14.Wounded in action at Gallipoli 27/4/1915.Returned to Australia. 25. Questions and DiscussionJenny ScottContent Services LibrarianScott.Jenny@slsa.sa.gov.auNo. 947 Private Arthur Trinne, born Kapunda, 1895 and No. 945 Private Henry Spencer,born London, 1889. 9th Light Horse Regiment. Spencer died of wounds 16/8/15


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