celtics 3-point play - gleaning data from facebook engagement

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Celtics 3-Point Play Building engagement while generating Facebook fan dataAGENDATeam History:

- Founded in 1946- 17-Time World Champions- 2008 NBA Champions- 2 trips to the NBA Finals in the past four seasonsCurrent Facts:

- 230,000+ Twitter followers; 5th largest in N. American team sports- 5.3 million Facebook Likes; 2nd largest audience among North American team sports.- Celtics.com ranks Top 3 in traffic among NBA teamsCELTICS OVERVIEW

Website traffic was dropping year over year (Oct 1 July 1)2006-07 19.6 million (24-wins, no playoffs)2007-08 54.6 million (Roster overhaul = 17th NBA Championship)2008-09 37.0 million (2nd round exit)2009-10 34.0 million (NBA Finals, 11.5 million in May/June alone)2010-11 60.0 million (2nd round exit, monthly traffic doubled YOY)

Social platforms grew exponentially over last 12-18 months: Regular content engages fans and organically grows audience when fans engage with team (FB wall posts/comments/likes, re-tweets, video embeds)

Traffic by Location:~25% of traffic from inside our DMADIGITAL LANDSCAPE

Source: www.geekosystem.comWHY FACEBOOK?- 2007-08 Season Celtics Fans congregate in groups on Facebook- Watercooler tries to sell us Celtics community

- About 100,000 fans grouped across a few unofficial communities - Celtics launch Facebook page, absorb unofficial fan groups

Summer 2009: 400,000 Facebook Fans Double the size of our email database

Facebook daily growth: 700-800 Likes per day- Who are these fans? What can we learn about them? Can we monetize them?

- Facebook gaming (Farmville, MafiaWars) picking up steam

- Celtics meet with Isobar North America to discuss how to get fans into the databaseWHY FACEBOOK?

Facebook Likes Growth: January 2009 October 2009Before 3-Point Play LaunchWHY FACEBOOK?- Create a straightforward Facebook application to allow Celtics fans to win tickets, all while gathering marketing information

- Develop an uncomplicated game based on the basketball team that would be quick and easy to play but difficult to win

Utilize a basic fantasy and prediction game concept Reward players for how well they know the Celtics and follow the team Drive fan affinity Give fans reason to return to FB page

Make the game social so that fans can get their friends involved Challenge concept: reward players for beating opponents

- Create a leaderboard to give players bragging rights


GAME VIEW - Players make 3 picks, choosing 1 player for each statistical category Points Rebounds Assists

Players couldnt pick 0; picks were assessed based on accuracy and degree of risk based on standard deviation of Players average statistical output.

- Example: picking a player who averaged 3-4 points per game to score 28 points was unlikely, but would earn the most player points if proved accurate.

Players earned bonus points for defeating a challenged opponent. Results tabulated after each game; top player over 6-7 game prize period would be awarded prize.





CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS Overall goal: Absorb 10% of 400,000 audience when project started

Give prizes away every 2 weeks (Tickets, jerseys, etc.)

Promote direct ticket sales on Facebook Build fan engagement and affinity: Expand Celtics Facebook following through viral growth of game among previously unidentified fans

Be first to market in pro sports and NBA with Facebook application, continue to be thought-leaders in sports marketing space.

Maintain flexibility to roll game out to other platforms down the road Open source (PHP/MySQL) will allow for Celtics.com, mobile app, etc)


RESULTS 50,000 in-market players added to Celtics database 25k during regular season 25k more during 2 months of NBA playoffs- 12k alone during NBA Finals in 2010.

$130,000 in tickets sold to 3PP players (some already in DB)

Facebook audience grew dramatically (indirect benefit) Proved concept that Facebook fans will sign up to play in exchange for chance to win tickets; validated Facebook as a valuable marketing channelRESULTS

Facebook Likes Growth: January 2009 July 2011 It takes a concerted effort to drive Facebook fans back to your Facebook page

Facebook can change the rules at the drop of a hat

Even a simple Facebook game is a complex application You need support Plan for bugs Enlist the right partner

Set realistic goals 10% adoption on 400,000 fans

Direct ticket sales didnt happen via Facebook application Little available inventory to start with Players mostly bought through other offers after in DB Price points need to be lower for fans to buy via FacebookLESSONS LEARNED Possibly extend the games reach to a mobile app and Celtics.com

- Push NBA to allow corporate sponsor for game on Facebook - 75-mile DMA restrictions

Broadcast integration with pregame show

Possible arena integration for fans to play in real-time at TD Garden Wireless signal in building is a major factor Sponsor up-sell is a potential solution to currently unavailable in-game inventory

Play against team legends, Celtics Dancers, broadcasters & celebrity fans

Make prizes more experiential Meet and greets, BTS access, and more

Increase social aspect of the gameNEXT STEPS

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