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<ul><li><p>Celebrities With Custom Cars</p><p>Amazon com has sold this device for $29 to $32 not including shipping. Cars that you thought lookedgood before just don't look that good anymore. The initial Bugatti were fancy cars- more a work ofart than anything else.</p><p>Let's face it. Everybody loves cars. Of course, this is just natural, as cars have more or less become apart of modern culture. A car is more than just a mode of transportation or even a form of signifyingone's status, but it has become more of an extension of one's self-expression. This feeling of passionis especially evident once you step into the showroom and see all those cars on display. The creationof the ultimate dealership is the vision of Boardwalk Auto Group. As one of the biggest and mostrespected auto groups in the United States, they have earned respect because of their approach tocustomer service.</p><p>Maserati, which is renown for expensive Italian cars just had one car, the GranTurismo. There's nodenying it, that car was a beauty, for lack of a better word. Starting from the wheels, the shape ofthe car, it was simply fantastic. Maserati, did what anyone with a great car like that would havedone, they put a fence around it, for obvious reasons. Who wants a car like that to be mob touched?</p><p>Unfortunately, returning home only reinforced the idea that my pock-marked concrete floor anddusty sheetrock walls were a bit dim by comparison. But my '71 Corvette is cozy and it is what it is:a roof over my car's, uh, roof.</p><p>The BMW created quite a stir. The way people crowded that stand, it was almost like they weregiving out donuts for free. Not too surprisingly, people were trying to sit in the BMW 650iconvertible. It was the convertible that was causing many waves.</p><p>You couldn't say Maserati For Sale that about the CTS V coupe. The Cadillac stand was as crowdedas Novi's Post Bar dance floor on a weekend. It was hard to see anything let alone get in the driver'sseat of Cadillac's 2011 CTS V coupe.</p><p>Yes, 2 accidents to be exact. I was in one back in the late 60's, with my Mom. My Mom was drivingme and my 2 little sisters to South Carolina. What happened, it was late at night and she had justgotten off work but wanted to get on the road and then fell asleep at the wheel and we went off theroad and into the Ravine. It was frightening. It sends chills up and down my spine when I think aboutit. You know how big the old jacks were back then?</p><p>Repayments of $2357.43 per month? Sure thing! I can do that if I give up drinking, smoking,um...eating. And if I stop taking toilet breaks the boss Maserati Price might give me overtime? Yeah!</p><p>Penske is the most victorious car owner at the Indy 500, with 14 wins. Three drivers have four winsa piece - A.J Foyt, Al Unser, Sr., and Rick Mears. Mears also has the most pole positions with six.</p><p>Then there were other cars of interest, like the Ford Explorer, Ford Mustang Boss, and the LexusLFA, the new Durango and the new Dodge Charger. The list goes on. Only problem with seeing somany cars, is that it becomes hard to appreciate the beauty of simple cars. Cars that you thoughtlooked good before just don't look that good anymore. That's the auto show for you, it has thateffect.</p></li><li><p>They are carefully chosen to represent the culture, value, history and essence of the company. Bothof these models are available at Maserati dealers with options available should you need them.That's 350 kilometers per hour for you metric folks!</p></li></ul>