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<p> 1. New Leading-edge Touch Technologyg g gy Projected Infrared Touchj (PIT) 2. 11 PIT---Projected Infrared Touch PIT is a new type of infrared multi-touch technology with excellent performance and special mechanical/design features to bring IR touch into the future. Industrial designers are no longer limited to Projected Capacitive or Resistive Touch Windows to achieve modern design. Features Proprietary to GeneralTouchProprietary to GeneralTouch Windows 8 logo test certified Ultra-slim bezel, minimum 2.04.0mm(HW) Modern design appearanceModern design appearance Excellent multi-touch performance Unlimited touch stylus types No touch pressure requiredNo touch pressure required High transparency and image quality Reasonable cost Can be customizedCan be customized Wide size range from 15 to 84 ConfidentialWorld Leading Touch Provider 3. 22 A How It Works Invisible IR light The infrared beams generated by emission diodes are reflected through a prism-like light guide and go across the front glass surface. g Touch position calculation is IR type with performance enhancements to meet Windows 8 criteria. Detail A Plain glass Light Path The lightguide is made with a ll d l d d d Plain glass specially developed design and process that is proprietary to GeneralTouch and ensures IR Diodes PCB Crystal Prism minimum signal loss. IR Diodes One Time Reflection T ice Time Reflection World Leading Touch Provider One Time Reflection Twice Time Reflection 4. 33 PIT P-CAP Infrared Optical Touch Technologies Comparison PIT P CAP Infrared Optical Multi-touch Touch Resolution Touch Accuracy Fly height/Pre-touch Input flexibility(stylus) Hand-writing Performance Light Transmission Light Transmission Touch Surface Sealability Flush Surface Appearance Flush Surface Appearance EMI/EMS Anti-vandal/Safety Glass Integration/Productivity Bezel Height World Leading Touch Provider Best Better Neutral Poor Not Recommend 5. 44 Prior to PIT There was no one touch technology that can meet users diversified Patterned ITO Projected Capacitive (P-Cap) requirements Only responds to finger or capacitive stylus Price, reliability &amp; quality challenges in large f ( i l 18 )format (typical over 18.5) High NRE for customized format EMS challenges when system integration Long leadtime due to low yield for large format Anti-vandal options limited Infrared and Opticalp Market is mostly in larger sizes, because infrared and optical are not competitivep p with P-Cap in design and performance in small-medium sizes Frame structure creates usageg limitations World Leading Touch Provider 6. 55 Flat Bezel Areas are Important Utility and Design Mobile device leads in design (i eMobile device leads in design (i.e., iPad) with structural rigidity important Old Windows UI slowed down touch acceptance by consumer Now, Windows 8 Touch has defined flat bezel areas as important feature to itsbezel areas as important feature to its user experience concept Android designs also follow flat bezelAndroid designs also follow flat bezel area trend, of course World Leading Touch Provider 7. 66 PIT was Certified by Windows 8 Logo Test 10-point PIT has passed very strict Windows 8 Logo test, include 13 items and 57 sub-items. Th t i t Wi d 8 l t t t d dThe strict Windows 8 logo test standards: Response time:100Hz report rate (all current t h i t )touch points) 5 fi i i t5 finger minimum support 12mm/15mm pitch width Accuracy 1mm Fl h i ht 0 5Fly height 0.5mm 20mm minimum bezel width area Touch contact recorded at first edge l f b l World Leading Touch Provider pixel on swipe from bezel area 8. 77 PIT Has Ultra-slim Bezel IR LEDs, PCB and elements are hidden within a very small edge bezel H bezel Touch surface can be any material including glass, PMMA, etc. Competitive against P-Cap andCompetitive against P Cap and resistive touch window W The minimum H can be 2.0mm, W can be 4mm Features and benefits: Compatible with current design trends Entire surface is touch active, all the way to the bezel-edge Easy to keep clean World Leading Touch Provider 9. 88 PIT has Active Borders A The Active Area (AA) of a PIT touch screen can be extended to the bezel area D B area Create active controls for settings and shortcuts (via a driver/API that adds this h t t OS) C enhancement to OS) Enhance the standard Windows user experience with standard App shortcuts World Leading Touch Provider 10. 99 PITs Ultra-low Pre-touch Makes It Indistinguishable from P-cap in Most R d i t d d t h ith l P t h g p Consumer/Public-oriented Applications Reduce unintended touch with low Pre-touch</p>