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  • 1. Combustion Reaction By: Ruba Ghawi

2. What is a Combustion Reaction?

  • It is a reaction between an oxidant and a fuel source

3. What is the Fire Triangle?

  • It is a triangle that tells you what you need to make or form a fire.

4. What is Activation Energy?

  • Activation energy is the energy needed to create a chemical reaction.

5. Different Types of Chemical Reactions

  • Combustion
  • Synthesis
  • Double displacement
  • Single displacement
  • Decomposition
  • Acid-base

6. Why is Heat/Energy a necessary part of the fire triangle?

  • It is necessary because you need some kind of energy in this case it would be the heat, oxygen, and fuel.

7. What is Combustion Engine?

  • The internal combustion engine is an engine in which the combustion of a fuel , usually fossil fuel, occurs with an oxidizer. (The oxidizer is usually air) in a combustion chamber.

8. How Combustion engines work

  • There are two kinds of engines internal and external combustion engines.
  • A Combustion engine is any kind ofengine that operates by burning its fuel within the engine.
  • After that the gasoline spreads or expands creating energy.

9. A Document

  • Michael Waltrip did something illegal he was charged for using a certain fuel to increase the combustion performance of NASCAR.
  • The fuel was an additive fuel.

10. How does nitrous oxide help engines performbetter?

  • Well, by having more oxygen available during combustion, and with more oxygen more fuel can be injected. Then the engine will produce more power.

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