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This house was in the market for more than 90 days. After seeing the pictures and even the quality of pictures, it was not difficult to realize why this house did not sell. So I staged it, took much better pics for the MLS Listing and Voila! Sold within 10 days!


  • 1. Steiner Ranch, Austin, TXOn the market for >90 daysUnder contract within 10 days after Staging
    Max Ruthven

2. Testimonial
Max not only has a wonderful eye for staging, her easy going, eagerto please nature is so hard to find in the staging industry these days.She is a true staging professional in every sense of the word! She staged my listing in Steiner Ranch and we were under contract within 10 days.
I will use and refer Max business again and again. She is a pleasure to work with and rare find in the staging industry. Max helped me see the incredible importance of staging a home for sale.
It really can make all the difference in the world!
Holly Dees Keller Williams
3. Entrance, Living room Before
From dark, flow blocked and no warmth
Entrance After
To open, bright and light with an easy flow
4. Lounge Before
Lounge After
5. Kitchen Before
Dark, depressing and boring
Kitchen After
Bright Light and colorfula place for family to spend some time together
6. Master Bedroom Before
From drab and uninviting
Master Bedroom After
To warm and snazzy
7. Master Bathroom Before
Master Bathroom After
Added some fresh colorand
8. Playroom Before
Playroom?? Lounge??
Playroom After
Now a Place to relax with a book, or a cozy chat corner with Mom or Dad
9. 2nd Bathroom Before
2nd Bathroom After
10. Kiddies room Before
Kiddies Room After


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