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For my senior project, I created a film demonstrating injury prevention video for athletes. CC Image From: Jess Graham Mrs. Judkins. The Moment of My Future. I F ound M y P urpose in life. The fire that sparked it all - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation

CC Image From: my senior project, I created a film demonstrating injury prevention video for athletes.Jess GrahamMrs. JudkinsThe Moment of My Future

I Found My Purpose in lifeThe fire that sparked it allLoss of sports for the rest of my high school career

Who am I?Average JoeBorn in Atlanta, Georgia

Who helped me in a time of need?A special thanks to my facilitator and mentorDana Vadino

Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC)

Specializes in emergency and immediate care, treatment, and rehab of athletic injuries

Master's Georgia State University

21 years of experience

What did I Research?The proper technique and form of stretching for pre-activity and after static

Targeted only the most common types of physical injuries (there are many other injuries as well, etc.) Neck/Head

Arms/Upper Back

Lower Back



The ProcessI basically shadowed Dana around at different gamesObserved stretching techniques on athletes to conduct in my videoWatched Dana 1st hand deal with athletic injuries

Did I witness any 1st Hand Athletic InjuriesLacrosse player who twisted the calcaneo-fibular ligament in her ankle

Lacrosse player who collided knees with another girl and bruised her knee lining

Learning and Practicing Stretching TechniquesThis girl is one of Danas clients who had injured her Peroneus Longus Tendon in her footStretching her tendon

Learning and Practicing Stretching TechniquesDana was showing me leg stretches to focus on with this athletePerfect alignment in bones and ligaments

Learning and Practicing Stretching TechniquesLearning neck alignment, and how to check for concussions

Physical Therapy Tools For CrampingCramping is contracted musclesLeg Alignment Muscle Releaser

Contracted Muscle Reducer

Things I learned and Ideas on Senior ProjectI learned not to wait until last minuteI found out there is more to physical therapy than just stretchingThe senior project is a wonderful idea, but I feel like I took a step into it at a wrong angle

What Are My Future Plans?I love physical therapy and the idea of helping peopleI want to pursue physical therapy for athletes as a career to save athletes careersChallengesI had two physical therapist drop out Every persons body is different Finding time to get with Dana

Thank You For Your Time!

Any Questions?


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