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<p>PUMA SERIES167 - 213HP</p> <p>Every single day you demand more. ,More from the land. More from yourself . More from your equipment Which is why we . also demand more. More powerful engines. More productivity-boosting features.</p> <p>More approachable and knowledgeable dealers. We demand more to better serve you and the needs of your operation.</p> <p>Lets face it Goals change. Needs change. . The world changes. But the number of hours in the day never does. Thats why weve developed an efficient, multi-purpose tractor line with just the right amount of power for both row-crop and livestock applications the new Puma Series Tractors. Theyre reliable. Theyre durable. Theyre fuel efficient Theyre Puma. .</p> <p>FOR THOSE WHO DEMAND MORE</p> <p>Sculpted front end allows an unsurpassed 6.1m turn radius at 1,829mm track setting.</p> <p>A-post instruments and performance monitor keep important functions and performance data centrally located.</p> <p>Ergonomic Surround Vision cab delivers an unobstructed 360-degree panoramic view.</p> <p>Turn-Assist option minimizes operator effort for less fatigue and more productivity.</p> <p>Increased efficiency. Higher returns.</p> <p>Adjustable armrest controls with Multicontroller V and an optional electro-hydraulic joystick are integrated with the seat to stay within easy reach. Low noise level of 69dB(A) provides stress-free operation for a long working day.</p> <p>Suspended cab system and fully adjustable air suspension seat reduce vibration and enhance operator comfort. Active front axle suspension available to automatically react to drops or bumps for improved ride quality.</p> <p>Model</p> <p>Case IH Puma 165 Case IH Puma 180 Case IH Puma 195 Case IH Puma 210</p> <p>Unboosted engine power Rated hp(CV)/kW Max. hp(CV)/kW @ 2,200rpm @1,900rpm 167/123 180/132 182/134 200/147 197/145 212/156 213/157 223/164</p> <p>4</p> <p>PUMA - MADE IN AUSTRIAThe new Puma tractor series is all about efficiency. With four models, ranging from 167 to 213 horsepower (CV), Puma tractors provide the right amount of power for primary tillage, cultivation, drilling and transport. Whether its spring or autumn cash crop work or pulling trailers, the Puma tractors outstanding power-to-weight ratio will deliver the precise power you need for top efficiency and fuel savings.</p> <p>Power Management provides up to an additional 37 horsepower under specific conditions for road transport and PTO applications. 18x6 full powershift transmission provides the smoothest shifting and has proven durability in the field.</p> <p>50kph @ 2,060rpm gear enhances fuel efficiency and productivity and also and minimises noise at top road speeds. Case IH Tier III 6.7l engine delivers fuel-efficient power up to 242hp.</p> <p>5</p> <p>Spacious Surround Vision cab features curved glass, low noise level and an unobstructed view of your surroundings.</p> <p>Remote-adjustable and heated electric mirrors let you change side views at the touch of a button.</p> <p>Automatic climate control is available to let lets you select the perfect temperature for continuous comfort.</p> <p>Suspended cab is also available for the ultimate in ride comfort.</p> <p>CAB ENVIRONMENT Less noise. Less fatigue.Puma tractor surround vision cab technology combines panoramic views with lowest noise levels for higher productivity season after season. ,Unsurpassed sight lines and ergonomic controls highlight the highly evolved Puma tractor cab. Designed with operator comfort and productivity in mind, the cab features Surround Vision with 5.87 square metres of glass, low noise levels of just 69dB(A) and a high-visibility cab roof window for unobstructed views in all directions. A carefully positioned, fully adjustable air suspension seat with additional lumbar support, means that long days at the wheel become less of a drain for operators. The steering wheel can also be tilted and adjusted telescopically so you can always be sure to adopt the healthiest driving posture. A suspended cab is also available for the ultimate in ride comfort.</p> <p>Turn night to day with up to ten lights. A High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting package is available as a dealer installed accessory.</p> <p>High-visibility roof panel lets you monitor overhead conditions.</p> <p>7</p> <p>Ergonomically positioned controls for maximum comfort. Multicontroller V puts all the tractors key functions in the palm of your hand.</p> <p>A-post instrument cluster with a performance monitor tracks important functions and data for convenient, at-aglance monitoring.</p> <p>AFS 200 or AFS PRO 600 monitor for controlling major tractor functions and providing an up-to-the-second overview of machine status.</p> <p>HMC - Headland Management Control can program and control up to 30 headland operations.</p> <p>OPERATOR CONTROLS Technology that is easy to use.all the controls are within easy reach and the instrumentation displays are concentrated on the right-hand a post case ih advanced . electronic technology and enhanced ergonomic design put you in control: relaxed for a long working day.The key tractor controls are at your fingertips integrated into the seats adjustable armrest, including an electro-hydraulic joystick. Multicontroller V offers greater convenience and saving time. An A-post instrument cluster keeps important tractor data within your sight line for precise tractor and implement control and less strain. The main components of Puma tractors are networked using ISOBUS-compatible technology. Future developments include the AFS 200 colour monitor that will allow you to control your Puma tractor together with any ISO11783-compatible implement.</p> <p>Adjustable armrest controller with Multicontroller V, including gear, shuttle, throttle, Headland Management Control, electronic remote valve and hitch controls, is integrated with the seat for easy access, even when the seat changes positions.</p> <p>Fitting a GPS receiver and the AFS Pro 600 colour touch screen monitor will give you on-the-move performance mapping and in combination with an AccuGuide auto-steering system can help you improve driving accuracy.</p> <p>Standard instrumentation in the right front pillar at eye level is easy to see day or night. Readouts keep operators informed of basic functions and alert them to any warnings. Performance Monitor and radar are available to get the auto shutdown feature and additional feedback on tractor functions such as percent of power, fuel usage, percent of slip, area covered, and service intervals, as well as individual remote timers.</p> <p>9</p> <p>Power Management is standard on all Puma models, providing up to 37 additional horsepower under specific conditions when operating the 1000rpm PTO or hauling off 16th gear.</p> <p>Constant Engine Speed mode delivers a constant engine rpm and PTO speed, regardless of load variation, for optimum fuel economy. Two different rpm settings may be stored in memory.</p> <p>Auto shutdown feature shuts off the engine if sensors indicate high temperatures or low oil pressure.</p> <p>High horsepower internal components drive up to 243 horsepower.</p> <p>Vistronic fan adds enhanced engine efficiency.</p> <p>600-hour engine oil/filter service intervals save maintenance time and costs. Common rail diesel technology and four valves per cylinder provide optimal performance and low engine emissions.</p> <p>Approved for use with up to 20 percent biodiesel fuel blends (B20).</p> <p>Electronic injector control on the power stroke minimizes noise.</p> <p>10</p> <p>ENGINES Fuel savings. Durable performance.The new-generation common rail tier iii engine features outstanding fuel economy and long-lasting durability.Rated between 167 and 213 horsepower, all four Puma tractors feature rugged, high performance engines to deliver a reliable source of power. High pressure common rail diesel technology combined with electronic fuel management helps ensure costeffective operation in all farming applications. For both power and efficiency, Puma tractors are equipped with a four-valve 6.7 litre turbocharged, intercooled, low-emission diesel engine. These engines reach their rated power at just 2200rpm. These Tier III compliant engines features high-pressure common rail technology for smooth running.</p> <p>kW/hp(CV)186/250 168/225 149/200 130/175 112/150 93/125 75/100 1000</p> <p>PUMA 195</p> <p>More power with the Power Management system. Up to an additional 37 horsepower delivers unrivalled performance for a tractor in this power category.</p> <p>An air-to-air aftercooling system turbo charges the Case IH power plant.</p> <p>1200</p> <p>1400</p> <p>1600</p> <p>1800</p> <p>2000</p> <p>2200</p> <p>rpm</p> <p>EGR Exhaust gas re-circulation for better efficiency and lower environmental impact.</p> <p>11</p> <p>18x6 Full Powershift 40kph or 19x6 Full Powershift 50kph to cut journey times.</p> <p>Creeper gears offering an additional ten speeds from 225m/h to 1.6kph @ 2,200rpm.</p> <p>Field mode and Road mode automatic shifting leave the driver free to concentrate on the work.</p> <p>Auto PTO with 540E/1000rpm speeds to match all your requirements. Front PTO is available for extra versatility.</p> <p>TRANSMISSION AND PTO Smooth shift quality for optimum performance.Your puma features a transmission and pto engineered to cope easily with the awesome output of the engine, putting you in control of the power.The Puma provides you with just the right level of automation you need to step your operation up a gear. There is a choice of transmissions for the range of work you specialise in. Whatever your needs, the transmission technology is designed to give you higher efficiency and greater ease of operation. The highly advanced 18x6 transmission features field and road modes to automatically shift up and down gears to maximise output. All Pumas are available with a 19th gear to let you travel effortlessly along roads at up to 50kph. The rear PTO features 540 Economy/1000rpm drive taken direct from the engine flywheel. A front 1000rpm PTO is available for extra versatility. The Puma intelligent PTO management system automatically disengages power to implements as soon as they are raised, re-engaging when the hitch is lowered again. This feature can be integrated into headland sequences to increase safety and reduce noise and fuel consumption. The PTO is also equipped with a soft start system, which gradually increases torque to protect implement drive shafts. The Multicontroller V puts speed and control at your fingertips.19 13</p> <p>8 7 10 9</p> <p>7 8</p> <p>8</p> <p>9</p> <p>10</p> <p>10 9 8 9 10</p> <p>14 19</p> <p>14</p> <p>19</p> <p>All Pumas are fitted with a steering column-mounted power shuttle lever, providing smooth handling for loader work and at the headland.</p> <p>13</p> <p>Auto 4WD and Diff lock disengage and engage automatically on tight corners, for example.</p> <p>Active front suspension for a smooth ride and improved traction.</p> <p>Turn Assist faster cycle times with minimum movement of the steering wheel.</p> <p>Pneumatic or hydraulic trailer brakes are available for working with large trailers.</p> <p>DRIVING COMFORT Maximum power to the ground.Puma tractors give you power and the capability to control it with ease. In addition to the traction management features, your puma tractor is equipped with a range of front axle features to improve steering, braking and safety both on the road and around the yard.Four wheel drive and differential lock management is standard on all Puma models. With controls to switch between manual and automatic mode, the operator is able to harness true traction with both mounted and trailed equipment. Active front axle suspension is available on all Puma tractors. This improves ride comfort at the same time as providing more control. Less pitching is experienced when travelling at speed with mounted implements, or manoeuvring with a loader. Active front axle suspension has 105mm of movement and works by measuring acceleration and deflection of the axle. Damping is controlled via an advanced accumulator and regenerative valve system for a smoother ride. It also has automatic self-levelling according to load. A class 4 front axle for heavier duty applications is standard. Turn Assist - a revolution in steering control. Ultra fast lock-to-lock steering frees concentration for other tasks, saves time and increases your tractor's output.</p> <p>Impressive turning circle. Due to their compact engine dimensions, Puma tractors have an extremely tight turning radius. Steerable fenders, fitted as standard, give these tractors an additional 30% of steering angle for really superb handling characteristics.</p> <p>15</p> <p>Up to 150 litres per minute pump capacity for excellent response and control.</p> <p>Hitch Ride Control dampens heavy implements when they are raised.</p> <p>Up to nine remote valves and a power beyond connection are available for ultimate productivity.</p> <p>Front hitch and PTO available for multitask applications.</p> <p>HYDRAULIC SYSTEM Puma for precision power.The hydraulic system on a puma gives you outstanding power with precision control. the electronically controlled closed centre load sensing system responds accurately to the smallest change in draft resistance, supplying the precise hydraulic oil flow rate to match operating conditions.The powerful hitch is designed to make things as straightforward as possible for the operator. The hydraulic system is powered by a variable displacement piston pump delivering up to 150 litres per minute. Up to five electronic remote valves are available. You can choose up to four electronic mid mount valves and a power beyond connection. A massive 8,650kg can be lifted by the rear hitch, over which you have fingertip control even outside the cab, thanks to the fender-mounted control buttons. All Puma tractors feature advanced electronic draft control. This system is easy to operate and very effective. Hitch ride control reduces bouncing to improve tractor control with mounted implements during transport.</p> <p>Fender-mounted hitch and PTO controls for single-handed implement attachment.</p> <p>17</p> <p>Minimum scheduled maintenance e.g. engine oil can be checked and topped up without lifting the hood.</p> <p>Easy daily checks and cleaning with air filter easily accessible for quick cleaning.</p> <p>Quick and easy trouble shooting using a service tool plug-in for the laptop.</p> <p>Dealer Installed Accessories for choice, plus the quality and reliability you demand from Case IH.</p> <p>In addition to the extensive range of standard equipment, Case IH offers a comprehensive choice of dealer installed accessories. For example, AFS 200 monitor, AccuGuide automatic steering systems and state-of-the-art HiFi sound systems.</p> <p>18</p> <p>MAINTENANCE AND SERVICE puma maximum uptime.Keep driving! Dail checks take next to no time and service intervals are y few and far between. with plenty of advance warning from the performance monitor too, you get sufficient opportunity to plan them in.Routine servicing is so straightforward on Pumas, daily checks are completed in the time it takes you to fill-up. With the hood raised on gas cylinders, access to the engine and cooling components from the ground is quick and easy. Pumas are engineered to last. The on-board performan...</p>