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  • Carnival Information

    WHEN: 15th – 22nd January 2017

    WHERE: Perth, WA

    TEAM MANAGEMENT: Danny Klinger (Team VIC Manager) Ph: 0419 568 704 Lisa Glikfeld (Team VIC Assistant Manager) Ph: 0417 448 875

  • Carnival Information

    COST: Inclusive of Sports Lunch Package

    Select one Package Fee

    Package 1: Maccabi Member Registration, Flights, Uniform 1270

    Package 2: Maccabi Member Registration, Flights, NO Uniform, T only 1200

    Package 3: Maccabi Member Registration & Full Uniform 795

    Package 4: Maccabi Member Registration Only 725

    Package 5: Non-Member - Registration, Flights, Uniform 1300

    Package 6: Non-Member - Registration, Flights, NO Uniform, T only 1230

    Package 7: Non-Member - Registration & Full Uniform 825

    Package 8: Non-Member - Registration Only 755

  • Age Groups

    Minimum age - 12 years of age as at 15th Jan 2017. (Year 6 is the lowest year group at Carnival)

     The maximum age for acceptance is 16 years and 11 months as at 15th Jan 2017

  • Travel Arrangements

    To Perth: 15 January 2017 Dep: Melbourne 09:15 arrives Perth 10:30

    To Melb: 22 January 2017 Dep: Perth 0910 arrives Melbourne 1545

  • Billeting

     Two billets per participant

     Pre arranged billets need to be indicated on registration form

     Billeting will be worked out on the following priority: - Shomer Shabbat - Kashrut - Gender - Age Group

     You will be notified who your billet just before the start of carnival

  • What Happens at Carnival?

    Outdoor Sport: 3 days  Indoor Sport: 3 days  Arrive at 8:30am for a 9am start at Maccabi  Lunch at midday at Maccabi  Bussed to afternoon sports session at 1:30pm. Return to Maccabi at

    4:15pm  Home time to relax, eat and freshen up  Evening Social Function  Adventure World, Community Day and Shabbat.


  • Morning Sports

    Choose 2 sports from the sports listed. Morning sport will consist of 2 sessions per day.

    Some sports may be unable to proceed if there aren’t enough nominations for it. We will notify you if a change must be made.

    Soccer – boys Soccer – girls Touch Rugby – mixed Tennis – mixed Table tennis – mixed T-Ball – mixed

  • Indoor Sports

    Choose 2 sports from the sports listed. Afternoon sport will consist of 1 session per day.

    Some sports may be unable to proceed if there aren’t enough nominations for it. We will notify you if a change must be made

    Indoor Beach Volleyball – mixed Basketball – boys Basketball – girls Netball – girls Badminton – mixed Futsal – boys

  • To break the sports days, participants will be treated to a fun day at Adventure World

    Adventure World

  • Community Day

    WA will continue the incredible initiative of Community Day. Participants will go to various community organizations in small groups to ensure they all get the maximum out of the day. On this day the parents will have to drop off and pick up their children from the delegated organization. Community day is on the Friday morning of the carnival between 9am and 1pm and is compulsory.

  • Social Events

    Evenings will be fun packed for the participants to let their hair down, dress up and party the night away. The events for this carnival include: - Opening Ceremony - Bounce Jumping Revolution - Pool Party

  • Social Events

    -Roller Dome -Outdoor Movie Night -Closing Black Light Glow Party

    All events are fully supervised at all times and only carnival participants are allowed to participate in the functions

  • Shabbat

    Attendance at Shule on Friday night is compulsory for all participants. Saturday is a no sport day and is a chance for all participants to

    rest and relax after a busy week.

  • Uniforms

    All participants are to attend the sports, Opening and Closing ceremonies, Shabbat services and the Community Day in their uniforms.

    Team VIC Uniform Requirements: • 2 Sports Tops • 1 Sports Short • Travel Tee • Cap (This is complimentary) • This is the same uniform as last year – please check that all components still


  • Security and Health

     The security and health of all participants during carnival is our number one priority. Security will be provided at all venues by CSG.

     We will have first aid at all sports and social venues.

     We have a list of recommended Physiotherapists, General Practitioners and Specialists that will be given to host families.

     It is imperative that all medical conditions are declared on the registration form. All information is kept in strict confidence.

     Every carnival participant will be given a photo ID tag and this must be worn around their necks on the lanyard provided at all times for easy identification

  • Registration

     Registrations will be a 2 step process Maccabi Website - register with a My Macc account, select the

    package you require, and make payment Once registered, within a week you will receive requests from

    a system called ‘Care Monkey’ through which you will upload the photo that will be used for your Carnival ID, provide medical information as well as complete forms regarding sport, billeting and parental consent. The following slides are a sample of the forms included in the Registration Process.

    If you need any assistance in completing the form please contact your Team Managers, Danny Klinger/Lisa Glikfeld or the Maccabi Victoria Office, on / 9563 5885

  • Registration

  • Registration

  • Registration

  • Registration

  • Registration

  • Cancellations and Refund Policy

    Cancellations before 25 November incur an admin fee of $60. Cancellations made between 25 November and 15 December incur a fee of $110. Any cancellation after 15 December will need to be evaluated on a case by case basis.

    FLIGHTS: Please note that refunds for flights are subject to reallocation of the flight to another participant. Once the flight passenger list is finalised & given to the airline, no refunds can be made.

  • Carnival Code of Conduct

    As a part of Maccabi’s continued focus on member safety and in particular, child safety, adhering to the Carnival Code of Conduct is an important part of the registration and MUST be read and agreed to by both parents and participants.

    Acts deemed not consistent with the Code of Conduct will result in participants being removed from Carnival with no refund, and sent home at parents expense

  • Thank you for taking the time to read this information pack. Should you have any more questions please email Danny Klinger or Lisa Glikfeld on




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