career learning portfolio (clp) dorianne gravina college career advisor st. ignatius college

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  • Career Learning Portfolio (CLP)Dorianne GravinaCollege Career AdvisorSt. Ignatius College

  • My career Experience ..Esperjenzi ta Karriera fajtiContextTarget group Rationale Timing Methodology Challenges

  • St Ignatius CollegeOne of ten colleges3 Secondary Schools and 5 primary schoolsInitiative is introduced in 2 Secondary Schools

  • Target group: Who?Target group: Pilot study with selective Form 3 students boys and girls aged 13 yrs (100 students)3 lower streamed classes 1 middle and 1 high streamed class (for comparison purposes)After piloting include all students at Handaq school

    Personnel involved in the CLP piloting initiative: College Career AdvisorTrainee Career AdvisorA guidance teacher

  • Assessing for career learning

    Students are helped to keep a record of their career learning, i.e. a learning toolStudents are encouraged to reflect and think about themselves, what they want to do in the future, how they can achieve this, i.e. a reflective instrumentEmpower students to outline a plan of action which will provide them with direction when they leave school i.e. a career planning tool

  • Timing: When?Time span: A developmental approach .. starting when students are in Form 3 and ending when students finish Form 5.

  • The Career Learning PortfolioBooklet for Form 3 5Workbooks for Form 3, 4 and 5A simple version of the workbook to cater for lower-achieving students Sponsorship of booklet by a local Bank.

  • Form 3 4 5 bookletAcademic (subjects/activities student enjoys; areas for improvement/help)Abilities/Skills student is good in/wants to improve and discussion on how) e.g. fixing things, working in a team, etc.Recreation/Leisure pursuits e.g. sports/voluntary activitiesPersonal qualities (has/feels the need to improve and discussion on how) eg. get on well with others; patient, etc.

  • Contd..Occupational areas of interest eg. Artistic, scientific, technicalWork values eg. Status, flexiblity, promotion prospectsCareers of interest research element in workbook;Career planning (what s/he has done/needs to do)Items for portfolio (photos of career visits, your CV, samples of work which you are proud of, certificates of participation, etc.)

  • Form 3 4 5 WorkbooksAcademic/Less academicCareers which interest me .Course/subject/qualities needed..Plan of Action (person I spoke to/organisations visited/things I need to doWebsites Post Sec Institutions - Other helpful websites - Our contact details.

  • Methodology: How?One-to-one career interventions Career conversations with student Supporting/following the student in his/her personalised journey2/3 sessions per academic year (or depending on the needs of the student)

  • ChallengesColleagues question whether intro CLP in Form 3 is too early;One-to-one sessions are time consuming; No space in the timetable for CLP: Teachers not happy when students miss lessons to come for the portfolio session;How do we measure effectiveness?