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Car Rental Portal Car Search Latest Offers International Booking Rentals Chauffer Service Bus Transportation Used Cars Slide 2 This is the home page of Car Rental Portal. It have features like Car search, International Booking, Latest Offers, Rentals, Chauffer service, Bus Transportation, Used cars, Work shop service etc Slide 3 Car Search Enter Search Criteria Car listing as per search Criteria Sort option Select extras Information form Edit Car search Slide 4 User Can Search desired car using search criteria such as Car type, Pick up /Drop off location, Pickup/Drop off date, Pick up/drop off time, etc. Click on continue button to get a list of available cars within the search criteria. Slide 5 Here an user gets the list of available cars. It have features to sort car by Model, Brand, Type and price. User can select any car type using select button. It shows its benefits number passengers can accommodate. Also have filter search option. Slide 6 Once an user select a car type and finalized user have to fill the form with required data. Here also user can edit car list and edit search. Also some extras choosing option available for user to tick on the required extras. Slide 7 This page comes when an user click on edit listing. User can select other car instead of the previously selected car. User can utilize filter option to select most convenient car type. Slide 8 Latest Offers Book Now Calculate Price Slide 9 User can see the latest offers in the home page of Car Rental Portal. If user interested in this offer click on to Book Now button to go further process Slide 10 Here user gets the page to fill required data such as Pick up/drop off location, Pick up/Drop off date and time. Also can know the price using calculate price button. The price will display at the right side of the page. Slide 11 International Booking Slide 12 At the home page user can see international booking feature. To get the option click to international booking button Slide 13 Here user get page for providing asked details to book cars internationally. Slide 14 Rentals Car rental facility Slide 15 Click on the rentals button the top menu bar of the home page leads to this page. Rentals have two options. Short term rental and Long term leasing. User can utilize this section for rental purposes. An email /telephone specified at bottom for getting more information Slide 16 Chauffer service Chauffer Service Slide 17 Click on the chauffer service button at the top menu bar will result in this page. Here user can book limousine using book limousine button. Also here mentioned the location details for limousine service. Slide 18 User must provide required information to get the limousine service. Slide 19 Bus Transportation Bus Transportation service Slide 20 This facility can view using bus transportation button at the top menu bar. A variety of bus services based on capacity requirement are available through this service. Contact email is at the bottom of the page for getting more details. Slide 21 Used Cars Used cars Slide 22 User car section deals with buying used cars for users. User can select cars based on type, Brand, Model and year etc. Slide 23 Work Shop Services Oil and Filter Replacement Radiator services Tyre Rotation Cabin air filter service Etc Slide 24 This section of Work shop service deals with various services such as Oil and filter replacement, Radiator services, Tyre rotation, Cabin air filter service, Engine flush service etc. Chose the required service and get service using their contact details Slide 25 Locations National Car Service Location Slide 26 User can find out the locations using location option at the top menu bar. Also user can get the contact details of location from left side of the page. Slide 27 Contact Us, About US, About Bahrain Other Details Contact Us About Us About Bahrain Slide 28 Thankyou.