Capítulo 3 -ar verb conjugations. Infinitive forms of Spanish verbs always end in –ar, -er, -ir Most verbs in Spanish belong to a “family or conjugation.”

Download Capítulo 3 -ar verb conjugations. Infinitive forms of Spanish verbs always end in –ar, -er, -ir Most verbs in Spanish belong to a “family or conjugation.”

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  • Captulo 3-ar verb conjugations

  • Infinitive forms of Spanish verbs always end in ar, -er, -irMost verbs in Spanish belong to a family or conjugation.You will want to use verbs in sentences in ways other than in the infinitive forms. (to speak)To do this you will need to follow a few simple steps.The largest group of verbs end in ar and are called ar verbs.

  • Steps to conjugate ar verbsTake your infinitive and drop the arHablar hablNext add the appropriate ending based on your subject/subject pronoun:

    yo -o4. nosotros (as) amos2. t -as 5. vosotros(as) ----------3. l ella -a Ud.6. ellos ellas -an Uds.

  • Hablar-to speakStep 1: Find infinitive HablarStep 2: Take off ar HablStep 3: Add endingsYo hablo

    T hablas

    l hablaElla hablaUd. hablaNosotros(as) hablamosVosotros(as)---------

    Ellos hablanEllas hablanUds. hablan

  • In Spanish, the present tense form of a verb can be translated into English in 2 ways:Hablo espaol.I speak Spanish.I am speaking Spanish.

  • The verb ending always indicates who is doing the action.

    Subject pronouns are often used for emphasis or clarification.

    In this case , they tell who is speaking.Because of this, you can often use the verb without a subject:Hablo espaol.Hablas espaol?

    Ella habla ingls pero l habla espaol.

  • Conjugate enviarEnviar and esquiar have accents on the i when conjugated except the nosotros and vosotros forms.

  • Pg. 101 actividad 1Juan estudia espaol.Los amigos toman el mismo curso.El profesor habla espaol en la clase de espaol.

  • With your partner, do the following activitiesPg. 102 actividad 4Pg. 102 actividad 5 Answer in complete sentencespg. 103 actividad 7Pg. 104 actividad 8Copy and Fill-in chart#1-6


  • Pg. 102 actividad 4


  • Pg. 102 actividad 5S/No, Nosotros (no) estudiamos geografa.No, tomamos seis cursos.S/No, (no) navegamos la red.S/No, (no) buscamos informacin en la red.S/No, (no) tomamos muchos examnes.S/No, (no) sacamos notas buenas.

  • Pg. 103 actividad 7ADBFEGC

  • Pg. 104 actividad 8EsEstudiaLlevanHablaLlevamosLlevanTomanTomaSonSonHablanTomamosSacamosSacamosPreguntaSacasSacasContestaEstudiosaco


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