can reusable shopping bags replace plastic bags forever?

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  • Can Reusable Shopping Bags Replace Plastic Bags Forever?

    When lawmakers decide its time to ban plastic bags in a city (like Chicago) or whole state (like California), they assume that single-use bags end up in trashcans or kitchen cabinets. In fact, statistics show hardly any of these bags are recycled. Huge volumes of waste are created for the simple act of transporting groceries and supplies home.

    According to CalRecycle, a measly 5% of the 14 billion plastic bags Californians take home every year get recycled. Despite what plastic bag manufacturers say, these bags are not being reused, either. The state of California spends $25 million in taxpayer money every year to round up and dispose of these plastic bags somewhere. In other words, the argument of the usefulness of these bags should fall on deaf ears.

    Wholesale shopping bags that can be used indefinitely provide shoppers with an affordable replacement to plastic carryout bags. Whether you need lightweight totes for a quick trip to the store or heavy-duty reusables for carrying home liquids and heavier foods, theres a green bag for that. Most people recognize the reusable bags companies buy to promote their business or comply with local regulations. These reusable totes serve as a way to advertise a business as well as a way to help a community go green.

    The plastic bags used to package bread or the plastic zip locks companies use to sell granola, nuts and other products. Where do these plastic bags go? In other words, shoppers get plenty of plastic bags in the typical trip to the store. Thats a problem we need to address. Until we do, wholesale shopping bags solve the much bigger problem of replacing plastic carryout bags.

    For more information about Holden eco-friendly reusable shopping bags or for a quote please visit or contact us at 800.255.0885.


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