Cambodia, Thailand and Burma Cy Woods HS. Cambodia in Pictures Buddhist Monks Hmong girls Angkor Wat Temple Royal Palace

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  • Cambodia, Thailand and BurmaCy Woods HS

  • Cambodia in PicturesBuddhist MonksHmong girlsAngkor Wat TempleRoyal Palace

  • Cambodia From 1975 to 1979, the leader of the communist Khmer Rouge, Pol Pot, carried out a genocide of the Khmer elite (anyone who was not an illiterate farmer). He and his group wanted to establish a classless, communist regime based on rice farming. People targeted included: Professionals Buddhists and Christians People who lived in cities Even people with glasses (because it was assumed they were literate)An estimated 2 million of thepopulation of 7 million was either massacred or starved to death.Pol PotKhmer Rouge Soldiers, 1970sClick on photos for videos

  • Cambodia TodayCambodia today is a country ruled by a constitutional monarchy with more than half its people involved in agriculture. Recently, oil and gas deposits were found that may help Cambodias economy in the future. (once they rebuild their infrastructure)King Norodom Sihamonibeing crowned by hisfather King SihanoukRice paddy, CambodiaClick on photo for video

  • CambodiaAngkor WatCambodias most visited tourist attractionClick on photo for video

  • Thailand in Pictures

  • ThailandFormerly called the Kingdom of Siam, now a constitutional monarchy.Chang and Eng BunkerSiamese CatRoyal PalaceKayan TribeswomanBuddhist monkClick on photos for videos

  • Thailand TodayHuman trafficking is a huge problem in Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries. Often sold by the poor families to brothels in large cities.

  • Thailand TodayKing Bhumibohl is the longest ruling monarch in the world (almost 69 years) and is suffering from ill health. Although a constitutional monarchy, it is unlawful to disrespect the monarchy.Protests by anti-governmentforces loyal to a former prime minister have led to tension in this usually peaceful country. She has recently been charged with negligence in a rice subsidy scheme.

  • Burma in PicturesBurmese rubiesClick on photo for video about democracy

  • Burma(Myanmar)Because of its isolation frommuch of the world, infrastructure in Burma is crumbling and the economyis mostly agriculture based.The military government isalso accused of trafficking In opium poppies/heroin.90% of the worlds rubies come from BurmaA cyclone in 2008 killedmore than 130,000 people, many from starvation and Disease because the government would not allow international aid organizations to help.

  • Burma TodayNobel Peace Prize winner andpro-democracy activist Aung San Suu Kyi wasunder house arrest for 20 yearsfor her stance against the militaryGovernment. Released in late 2010. Sheis now a leader of the opposition.In 2007, Buddhist monks protested against the repressive rule of the military junta. Many disappearedShortly thereafter.Click on photo for trailer of movie about her life

  • Aung San Suu KyiClick on photo for TED talk

  • What do you remember?Which three countries made up Indochina?Which two countries are constitutional monarchies?What was Thailand known as in the 1800s?What country is known for exporting rubies and opium?Which country was ruled by a military junta until recently?

    Who were the Khmer Rouge? Why did they target intellectuals?Who was Pol Pot?What is Angkor Wat?Aung San Suu Kyi has been compared to what famous South Asian leader?Burma is also known as________________