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Seminar talk for BYU ISYS program, 2/21/2014 by Derek Hansen


  • 1. Technology-Mediated Social Participation BYU ISYS Seminar Feb 21, 2014 Derek L. Hansen Information Technology, BYU @shakmatt
  • 2. Center for the Advanced Study of Communities and Information Human-Computer Interaction Lab
  • 3. A World of Social Technologies
  • 4. Technology-mediated social participation (TMSP) The goal is to create new architectures for the online public spaces that energize the population to contribute to vital community and national priorities - IEEE Computer, Nov. 2010
  • 5. TMSP Examples
  • 6. Building the Kingdom via TMSP Please join & help shape our new BYU LDS Tech Chapter: http://groups
  • 7. Socio-Technical Systems Cognitive-Technical System How a Cockpit Remembers its Speed Hutchins, Edwin Social-Technical System
  • 8. Research on TMSP Goals: (1) Improve the world! (2) Develop generalizable knowledge in the process Research opportunities: Develop New Theories of TMSP Design Novel Technologies & methods to support & analyze TMSP systems
  • 9. Research Opportunities & Strategies Develop tools & methods to study TMSP Examine extraordinary socio-technical systems Develop & test novel socio-technical interventions in field studies Note: Images hyperlink to additional resources
  • 10. Making sense of social data New Tools to explore relational data New Methods & Visualizations for Exploring social experience Techniques for Gaining Insight
  • 11. Examine Extraordinary Socio-Technical Systems
  • 12. Develop & Test novel TMSP Interventions
  • 13. Places to Publish ACM CHI ACM CSCW (and GROUP) ICWSM Domain-Specific Journals IEEE - Social Computing
  • 14. Collaboration Opportunities With IT Department Human-Computer Interaction Cybersecurity Interdisciplinary Courses Socio-technical design course (515R this Spring!) Web and Social Media Analytics (515R 570) Advanced Human-Computer Interaction (555) Advanced Web Technologies (510)
  • 15. Questions & Discussion Derek L. Hansen Information Technology, BYU @shakmatt