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<ul><li> 1. Strategic gameplan for SPGBusiness Sharks Team12 December 2011 </li> <li> 2. Our team is chosen and trusted among others because of strongpersonalities, diverse experience and portfolio of projectsBusiness Sharks Alex Sergey Alex Denis MSU 12 MIREA 11 RBS, London 11 MSTU 11Education Applied math Cybernetics Global Mgmt Engineering &amp; Mgmt Intern, BIG4 Audit 2.5Y IT consulting Intern, project-mgmt. 1.5Y IT consulting 2Y of teaching IT 1Y Mentoring in IT Organized logistics 2Y accountingExperience 2Y of software dev. 1Y IT Support of Formula1 events 0.5Y retail salesExecuted Coached a winner of Participated in Team leader of McKinsey case All-Russia applied logistics startup Russian students championshipprojects research competition launch &amp; growth society at Science-Po semifinalist Clearly understand business situationStrategic gameplan for SPG growth Find real drivers Generate bright ideas Provide tailored solutions 2 </li> <li> 3. Agenda Executive Summary Our Approach Detailed Recommendations Human capital Client relations Focus on practices Brand promotion Process excellence Geo expanding Partnership synergies Implementation Plan &amp; Risks The BonusStrategic gameplan for SPG growth 3 </li> <li> 4. Several interview sessions were conducted with SPGemployees, competitors &amp; experts to collect essential facts Interviewee Company Position Idrisov Alexander SPG Managing partner Modiano Philip SPG Partner Chumak Sergey SPG Principal Kudinova Veronika SPG Training specialist Elena Chizhenkova SPG HR specialist Evgeniy Top 3 Manager Alexander Top 3 Manager Andrey Top 3 SBA Petr Top 3 SBA Lev Vilyaev PwC Partner Andrey Recruitment Manager consultingStrategic gameplan for SPG growth 4 </li> <li> 5. SPG should raise human capital, dive into attractive industries,promote brand actively, develop processes excellence, buildlong-term client relations Management goals Recommendations By 2016 SPG plans to Raise To have the right people on the right projects 4 Human Target hiring of experience staff Capital Significant increase of graduate hiring Business Build long- To increase client satisfaction and retention value term client Deliver superior client service relations Focus on repeatable clients To gain new projects &amp; market reputation Dive into Strong future focus on Operations practices attractive Leading Retain current industry focus, develop Media and industries national Consumer Goods strategist Promote To increase brand awareness &amp; value 3 brand Actively use promotion mix such as direct sales, actively publications, pro-bono, events and advertising Develop To deliver services in a highly efficient manner Professional processes Develop internal methodologies staff excellence Conduct internal optimization projectsStrategic gameplan for SPG growth 5 </li> <li> 6. Process of finding right paths for growth is composed of 3phases: problem analysis, initiatives development, synthesis II. Initiatives development III. Recommendations Develop Conduct Develop Create Deep growth risk implementation monitoring analysis of programs analysis plan activities each area Develop success Current matrix situation analysis I. Problem Understand Build up Analysis gaps future vision* team analysisStrategic gameplan for SPG growth 6 </li> <li> 7. SPG success matrix helps to determine high value actions in key areas of improvement SPG Human Brand Processsuccess Clients Practices Geo Synergies capital power excellenceformula Find Attract new experienced clients focusing# of teams people on further in firm Increase client Get projects in retention Hire whole satisfaction and RB &amp; Ukraine teams Establish PE retention rate Consider fund with Offer trainings &amp; Attract large opening local support of MBA clients offices SBRF &amp; TD Hire brand name Expand into Develop existing &amp;Team cost people Receive Develop feedback from cons.goods, create new Kazakhstan per year media, methodologies clients office strengthen Improve long- Expand knowledge Compete for positions in term relations Increase brand database large projects in current building industries awareness via Run internal East high effective projects focused on Strong focus on promo activities:Utilization process Operations direct sales, pro rate optimization Involve experts bono, events, with insights &amp; multinational publishing, ads. experience Develop corporate culture Costs to attract staff * Case data, team analysis, interviews with partners &amp; competitors Strategic gameplan for SPG growth 7 </li> <li> 8. SPG should pay extra attention to its talent supply chainprocesses Hiring enough qualified personnel is a SPG should review its hiring challenging task approach There is tough competition for staff between SPG needs a few senior staff consultancies SPG will experience high demand in SPG plans 3x bigger than now what means junior staff bigger than McKinsey Role Focus 6 Partner level Selected practices 2 Manager level Efficient delivery track +40% Current staff in Russia, 2010 Proven experience Consultants 27 Selected practices 10 150 6 Structured mindset 160 24 Fit into profession 90 Analysts 125 Enthusiasm Motivation 65 75 45 55 60 30 40 Mon Booz Bain ATK RB BCG McK SPG 2012-2013 2014-2015...</li></ul>