business building pyramid™. top of the pyramid y - you build from the top down! s - sales m -...

Download Business Building Pyramid™. Top of the Pyramid Y - YOU BUILD FROM THE TOP DOWN! S - Sales M - Marketing

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  • Business Building Pyramid

  • Top of the PyramidY - YOUBUILD FROM THE TOP DOWN!S - SalesM - Marketing

  • Base of the Pyramid1 Business Processes.3 Profits

  • The RIGHT Side of the Pyramid Base(Clients and Profits)

  • The LEFT side of the Pyramid Base (Business Process) B BeforeD DuringA After

  • Why Do Clients Go Away? 1 %: Die9%: Leave for Competitive Reasons14%: Dissatisfied with Product and/or Service68%: Attitude of Indifference5%: Friend in Business3%: Move Away

  • Solve the Mysteries of the Pyramid

  • State of the Industry 2001

    RankCompany2000 Sales $ MM1999 Sales $ MMFull-Time Emp1Halo Branded Solutions$445$493.23322American Identity$247$1801703Corp. Express Pro. Mkt$182.6$166U44Imprint Inc.$148$11405CYRK$145$967.407Myron Mfg Co.$134$1300

  • Advertising Top 10

  • Image Vs. Direct Response MarketingConcentrates on look and image portrayedConcentrates on results not image of adUses strong compelling headlineMaximizes use of ad space, lots of copyHas specific call-to-actionCan be instantly tracked for performanceMay make money within a decade or twoDoes not usually have call-to-actionUses lots of white space, very little copyHeadline is usually company name, slogan or nothing at all.

  • Outbound AdvertisingSome Popular MethodsDirect MailFaxEmailTelemarketingVoice BroadcastMost Important = List (Lake)Second Most Important = Message (Bait)

  • U S PP P O DS O B

  • Five Types of Lists

  • Solve the Mysteries of the Pyramid (A Contract With Myself)What Can WILL I Do to Invest in Myself? What Can WILL I Do to Launch my Marketing? What Can WILL I Do to Maximize Client Value?

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