Building with Bamboo 6 Unique Ways

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<ol><li> 1. Building with Bamboo: 6 Unique Ways </li><li> 2. ZCB Bamboo Pavilion, Hong Kong This outdoor pavilion was built in 2015 and has a seating capacity of 200 people. Mostly it is used to host performances, exhibitions and events. This particular project was built using 473 large natural bamboo poles, that were bent right there onsite to shape the structure. Then they were hand-tied together with a metal wire using century-old Cantonese bamboo scaffolding techniques. </li><li> 3. Chan Chan Tourist Station, Trujillo, Peru This visitors center is located at the entrance of the Tschudi Palace, which is the only palace open to visitors among the eight other palaces of the ancient city of Chan Chan. This bamboo structure is something you want to see. Not to mention, the 500 years old ruins that are made of sand and mud. </li><li> 4. Bottle Sail, Do Son, Haiphong, Vietnam You wouldnt know it by just looking at this structure. But, it is actually built to address several different issues. These bottle seeding houses have been built for rural communities that are affected by HIV/AIDS, aiming to help people with the disease to reintegrate socially. The structure serves close to 10,000 tomato seedlings per season and serves as a place for the farmers to rest and relax out of the sun. </li><li> 5. Toigetation, Cao Bang, Vietnam This structure, also referred to as Cao Bang, was built to show that there is a need for sanitation facilities in these impoverished areas in Vietnam. The Cao Bang structure contains a restroom and wash area. Currently, many schools in Vietnam dont even have a clean toilet. </li><li> 6. Bamboo Pavilion, Songyang, Lishui, China This bamboo structure took eight weeks to build and sits in the middle of a tea field. This space allows for tourists to stop and rest. Who wouldnt want to go lay and look up at the beautiful blue skies?! </li><li> 7. Green Ladder, Sydney, Australia Green Ladder is a art structure created to show that bamboo has many structural capabilities. The structure is made out of Vietnamese ladders. To make the ladders, the bamboo is treated in natural waterways for two months, then subjecting it to a month of fire smoke. The ladders are then bound together with string, creating a grid that supports the baskets holding the plants. </li></ol>