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Building Partnerships: School Libraries & Public Libraries. Beth Wheeler Dean. Schooling B.S. in Accounting, Mississippi University for Women M.L.S., University of Alabama Experience 25 years in public libraries Adjunct Instructor, University of Alabama, SLIS - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Building Partnerships:School Libraries & Public Libraries Beth Wheeler DeanSchoolingB.S. in Accounting, Mississippi University for WomenM.L.S., University of AlabamaExperience25 years in public librariesAdjunct Instructor, University of Alabama, SLIS20 years working with children in libraries, schools and churchesKimberley L. Jones, M.S.L.I.S.SchoolingB.S. in Liberal Studies from Athens State CollegeM.S. in Library & Information Science from University of Illinois in Urbana-ChampaignExperience7 years in Public Libraries8 years in School LibrariesThe Nuts and Bolts of the Public LibraryBasic CharacteristicsPopulation ServedPolitical ClimateFundingBasic CharacteristicsUsing the public library is a choice and consequently must be perceived as a value to the patron.Public libraries serve multiple needs within a community.Public libraries should have changed significantly in the last ten years.Public libraries are now charged with serving patrons that do not enter their facilities.Population ServedEveryonePolitical ClimateFunding for public libraries is tied directly to governmental funding sources.Public libraries seldom have guaranteed funding and must request funds from local government every fiscal year.Public libraries must constantly balance local political views and issues with needs of patrons for information and materials.FundingTheres never enough money, staff, or resources.A significant amount of time, personnel and resources must be used to maintain funding levels.Public libraries must constantly looking for new sources of money.The School Library EnvironmentAlabama PEPE Job GoalPEPE Performance ResponsibilitiesRelating to School & Public Library CollaborationALAs Position Statement on the Value of Independent ReadingEncouraging a Life-long Love of ReadingA School LMS Should Library Media Specialists Job Goal(According to Alabama PEPE) To help students learn subject matter and skills that will contribute to their development as mature, able, responsible members of society and to provide for student and teacher utilization of a comprehensive program of library media skills and services.Appendix A, Library Media Specialist Evaluation Manual, PEPE of AlabamaPerformance Responsibilities(relating to School and Public Library collaboration)The following items are taken from the ALSDE School LMS job descriptionDetermines individual, class, and school needs.Exhibits positive human relations skills.Communicates with parents/guardians, colleagues, and community groups.Appendix A, Library Media Specialist Evaluation Manual, PEPE of AlabamaAccording to ALAs Position Statement on the Value of Independent Reading in the School Library Media Program:Many of todays students have little or no interest in reading for pleasure. Most reading is done because it is required, and therefore students do not possess a love of reading.School Library Media programs must work with teachers, parents, and the community in order to help generate life-long pleasure in reading.From ALAs Position Statement on the Value of Independent Reading in the School Library Media Program. to the American Library Association, a School LMS should:endeavor to facilitate student enjoyment of reading.encourage students to read for fun.promote the reading of books that challenge students thinking and reading skills.From ALAs Position Statement on the Value of Independent Reading in the School Library Media Program. can School Library Media Specialists encourage a love of reading? Students need . . .access to current, quality high-interest, and extensive collections of books and other print materials in their library media centers, classrooms, and public with adults who read regularly and widely and who serve as positive reading role models.From ALAs Position Statement on the Value of Independent Reading in the School Library Media Program. can School Library Media Specialists encourage a love of reading? Students need . . .certified school library media specialists and classroom teachers who demonstrate their enthusiasm for reading by reading aloud and book-talking.time during the school day dedicated to reading for pleasure, information and exploration.From ALAs Position Statement on the Value of Independent Reading in the School Library Media Program. can School Library Media Specialists encourage a love of reading? Students need . . .opportunities specifically designed to engage them in reading.schools that create an environment where independent reading is valued, promoted, and encouraged.opportunities that involve caregivers, parents, and other family members in reading.From ALAs Position Statement on the Value of Independent Reading in the School Library Media Program. Starting PointWhat You Bring to the TableWhat You Get for the EffortGoing By the BookPlaying Well with OthersWhy it MattersWhat You Bring to the TablePublic LibraryLarger CollectionsResearch Experience & Research CollectionsAfter-School HoursDifferent Perspective to the same problemsSchool LibraryStudentsParentsTeachersEssentially, more PatronsWhat You Get for the EffortA Greater ImpactPublic LibraryMore CirculationLarger Audience for Web PresenceBrand RecognitionStudents and parents know you on sightSchool LibraryStudents will maintain reading ability over the breaks.A Different VoiceA Fresh FaceGoing By the BookBegin with informal communicationStart with who you will be working with, not the administrationSeek input from the population you want to serve. (i.e. teachers, students, and library staff)Keep your administration aware of the project and all school responsibilities.Playing Well with OthersKnow who you areBe true to your mission and goals.Do what you do bestUse everyones talents.Stick with itGive it time to see resultsthe masses will not appear overnight.Follow throughDont make promises you cant keep.Why It MattersThe kids.Creating life-long learners and life-long library usersThe community should not pay for the same resources two times.Collaboration means big points in grant proposals.More advocates for school libraries and public libraries.Cooperation makes everyone look good.Building PartnershipsFinding FriendsSelling the Administration (Both of them)Selling the Faculty/StaffSelling the CommunitySelling the KidsFinding FriendsFind out about organizations associated with either groupLibrary schoolsNever underestimate a contactCheck out local websitesDont be afraid to make the first moveSelling the Administration(Both of Them)It takes time on both sidesSell the benefitsPossible cynic scenarios:They dont give us money. (PL)Theres not enough time in the day. (Schools)It takes too much time and effort. (Both)You must allow time for the programs to take effectYou know fairly quickly whether someone wants to work with youSelling the Faculty/StaffThink outside the boxMake it easy and worth their whileTeachers already have so much on their platesTeachers need to know what they get out of the partnershipSelling the CommunityParents need to see you and recognize youMake it worth their while to bring their kids to youDont waste their timeSelling the KidsExcite the studentsYou love them, and theyll love youBe genuineBrand RecognitionThe More the MerrierStay True to YourselfBringing Your A GameEnlarging the CircleBeing a Team PlayerStaying True to YourselfYou are there to enrich and expand servicesDo your jobLet the other LMS do his/her job and you do yoursDont wait for someone to come to youDont be afraid to askBringing Your A GameDo your bestPlan aheadFollow throughEnlarging the CircleCooperateShareEnjoy being part of a groupAsk for help, ideas, and suggestionsBeing a Team PlayerDont expect to be Queen every day.Share the work, share the credit.Be loyal to team members.Make it fun for all.Successes and FailuresSometimes it worksStorytelling at Fall FestivalRead Across AmericaExtra resources for teachersSometimes it doesntHomework CentralMothereadSometimes it just doesnt workOnline ResourcesALSC School/Public Library Cooperative Programs Public Library / Local School Partnerships Online Journals for School Librarians Together: Librarians and Teachers as Education Partners FOR IT!!Marketing is a major function of public libraries.Public library servicesinformation centerrecreational reading viewingcommunity gathering placelife long learningspecialized services needed within its communityChangesTechnology centermust be skilled in online and print sources and methods of information retrievalpatrons expect a higher level of personal assistance when they come in Competition for childrens and teens time.Homeschooling boomPatrons no longer have to come into the library building. Brand recognition for online sourcesPublic libraries are charged with serving the whole spectrum of a communitys population. Having books for all mean that some of your collection will be questioned by members of the community.comic books, amway, LDS, Roald DahlBalancing ActWe now stand as homeschoolers school media centers.There are more responsibilities listed in PEPE, these are the ones that relate most to school and public library collaboration. These are what you can point to when you need support for collaboration.Yes, this can be done on your own, but it has been my experience that kids tend to express more interest in things when I am not the only one talking about it. By bringing in another librarian, you are bringing in essentially, another point of view.#2: can of course include family members, friends, everyday and not-everyday visitors to the school as well as public librarians who visit the school.#1: invite others from the community to do this, not just people they see every day at school.We work in different kinds of libraries, but we are all librarianswe need to see ourselves as colleagues, not different kinds of librarians.


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