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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>TheProfile.Company</p> <p>Build Your Business</p> <p>With LinkedIn</p> <p>By Naomi Johnson</p> <p> About: </p> <p>Founder of TheProfile.Company </p> <p>Author of What to Put on Your LinkedIn Profile &amp; Grassroots to Green Shoots </p> <p>Written profiles for individuals in Canon, Asda, Oracle, Facebook, Coca-Cola</p> <p>Ran the Rock Your Profile stand at LinkedIns annual EMEA conference Talent Connect twice, plus Social RecruitIn Expert LinkedIn Profile Writer How to Get Leads and What To Do With Them Author | Speaker | Sugar-Free Vegan </p> <p>TheProfile.Company</p> <p>How important is ? </p> <p>TheProfile.CompanyLinkedIn is the biggest online professional network in the world440M worldwide, 17M UK &amp; 84M EU members+3M company pages+2M LinkedIn Groups&gt; 2 new members per second!LinkedIn shows you how you are connected</p> <p>1</p> <p>Why LinkedInAgenda Part One</p> <p>2</p> <p>Succeed on LinkedIn</p> <p>3</p> <p>Setting Your Outcomes</p> <p>4</p> <p>Importance of Profile</p> <p>5</p> <p>The Buying Journey </p> <p>TheProfile.Company</p> <p>Your Wealth is in Your Network1st Degree1st Degree1st Degree1st Degree2nd Degree2nd Degree</p> <p>TheProfile.CompanyLeverage the trust in your network</p> <p>- itll cost you nothing - </p> <p>TheProfile.CompanySocialSellingRELATIONSHIP</p> <p>Proactive Searching for prospects &amp; asking to connectAsking for introductionsSending InMails</p> <p>ActiveCommenting in groupsStatus UpdatesPublishing content</p> <p>Passive Your Profile</p> <p>TheProfile.Company</p> <p>Proactive Active </p> <p> Passive</p> <p>TheProfile.Company</p> <p>Reasons People Fail on LinkedInDont have a clear outcomeDont add value to their prospectsDont stand for something Profile doesnt engage prospectsNo call to action for prospectsDoesnt match the buying psychology of a prospectUnclear what value they bring and the problem they solve </p> <p>TheProfile.CompanyMOST OF THESE ARE RELATED TO YOUR PROFILE</p> <p>Reasons People Succeed on LinkedInSet clear business outcomesFollow a set strategy appropriate for their businessStand for somethingClear call to actionProfile establishes and transfers trust</p> <p>TheProfile.Company</p> <p>Your profile is making an impact 24/7!</p> <p>TheProfile.Company</p> <p>The human mind is programmed to stereotype and pigeonhole information it is our responsibility to ensure were put in the right hole!</p> <p>TheProfile.Company</p> <p>Its now the norm to research prospects, candidates, suppliers and colleagues on LinkedIn before meeting First Impressions Count </p> <p>TheProfile.Company</p> <p>TheProfile.CompanyNot a ProspectProspectKnow they have a problem and are looking for your solution</p> <p>Know they have a problem but dont know a solution exists</p> <p>No idea they have a problem1243Refer you to others</p> <p>Build awareness of the problem and solution</p> <p>Identify your prospects and recommend you</p> <p>TheProfile.Company</p> <p>Today 57% of a buying decision is made online before a sales representative gets involvedLinkedIn &amp; Altimeter Group 2014</p> <p>TheProfile.CompanyConsider the Buying Journey of your Prospect</p> <p>TheProfile.CompanyA well constructed profile: </p> <p>Interrupt the buying process and position you as a trusted advisor</p> <p>Attract highly targeted leads that are pre-sold</p> <p>Dramatically shortening the sales cycle</p> <p>Become easily to refer </p> <p>TheProfile.CompanyThe Buying JourneyWho is researching? What time of day?</p> <p>How do you want prospects to get in touch? What obstacles might stop them?</p> <p>What information do they need to know to move forward in their research/buying decision?</p> <p>Can they buy into you as a person?</p> <p>How can they easily opt-in to follow you?</p> <p>TheProfile.CompanyProfile PrinciplesNow body cares about you until you become relevant to them</p> <p>Your Profile is about you but not for you</p> <p>Capture attention quickly outlining problem you solve</p> <p>Build rapport by sharing something of you</p> <p>Consider purpose of all content</p>