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<ul><li><p> Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour - Buddhist Circuit Tour Package India </p><p>Buddhist Circuit Tour Packages India Buddhism </p><p>several Pilgrimage and religions of the world in India. </p><p>Buddhism has transcended indias boundaries and </p><p>taken root in east south and south east asia . His </p><p>penance and meditation for years showed him the </p><p>path to 'nirvana'. </p><p>In selecting the Buddhist circuit Tour Packages the </p><p>prospective visitor will have to take multiple factors </p><p>into consideration. Some of the factors that are most </p><p>important are - </p><p> Depending on the duration and cost, the package </p><p>should offer maximum benefits for the travelers. </p><p> Provider of the Buddhist tour packages in India should take care of </p><p>accommodation, transportation, and draw up a tour itinerary that will be </p><p>convenient for the traveler to follow. </p><p> the Buddhist tour package should not be too expensive taking it beyond the </p><p>affordability levels of the tourists and travelers. That is why many package </p><p>providers offer attractive discounts in their packages. </p><p>Providers of Buddhist Circuit Tour Package in India </p><p>Basic providers of Buddhist circuit tour package in India are - </p><p> Our website offers conducted package tours for the tourists and travelers, </p><p>especially those from the overseas. </p></li><li><p> Buddhism in india offering such packages for both inland and overseas tourists </p><p>and travelers. </p><p> offering packages for the travelers and tourists. Most of the star hotels have </p><p>such services in place and besides them a number or agencies are in the field. </p><p> Religious Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour that offer such packages for pilgrims from all </p><p>over the world. </p><p>Places of Interest Places of interest that should find place in any Buddhism circuit </p><p>tour holiday packages in India are - </p><p> Sarnath that is the Mecca of Buddhist religion followers for over thousand years. </p><p>It has the Chaukhandi Stupa, Dhamek Stupa, Sarnath Museum, and Lion Capitol. </p><p> Bodh Gaya is the place where Buddha </p><p>attained his enlightenment under the </p><p>sacred Bodhi tree. Mahabodhi temple, </p><p>Mahabodhi tree, and Lotus tank are the </p><p>major attractions here. It was in </p><p>Bodhgaya in Bihar, India that Prince </p><p>Siddhartha found Enlightenment </p><p>(nirvana) under the bodhi tree after </p><p>meditating for 49 days. No longer a </p><p>bodhisattva (mentor), he became Lord Buddha, the Enlightened One. </p><p> Lumbini is the birth place of Buddha and though not a part of India, it is located </p><p>near the country in the neighboring country Nepal. </p><p> Dhauli temple in Orissa near the capital of the state Bhubaneswar is the place </p><p>where the Buddhist Pagoda and inscriptions from the time of Emperor Asoka are </p><p>found. </p><p>There are many others but these are some that should be part of any Buddhist </p><p>tour packages. </p></li></ul>