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Official Tournament Program 52nd Buccaneer Cup Sailfish Release Tournament



    January 22January 2224, 201524, 2015


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    BUC CUP NEWS Special Tournament Program EditionSpecial Tournament Program EditionSpecial Tournament Program Edition

    Ladies and gentlemen Start Your Engines! Well not quite yet, but in a few days all the preparation comes to an end with the Captains Meeting and party at the Buccaneer Restau-rant after which the fishing be-gins. Who will emerge victori-ous? Will the live baiters take it again this year or will the trollers prevail? So many ques-tions will be answered and a good time will be had by all. Welcome aboard!


    Welcome to the 52nd


    Where Legends are Born

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    See who is supporting this

    years tournament.

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    Fishing Schedule, Rules

    and Prize Structure

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  • 4 51st Buccaneer Cup JAN 2014

  • JAN 2015 52nd Buccaneer Cup 5

    Longer Article Headline


    By: Gary Caputi

    T he staff at the Bucca-

    neer Cup, Fred Miller,

    Gary Caputi and Court-

    ney Bowden, are looking for-

    ward to welcoming you at the

    captains meeting at the legend-

    ary Buccaneer Cup Restaurant.

    We would like to thank the folks

    at Sailfish Marina for allowing us

    to use our namesake facility and

    a tip of the hat to Viking Yachts

    and HMY Yacht Sales for spon-

    soring the kick-off party.

    After two days of intense com-

    pletion we will return to the Sail-

    fish Club for the awards ban-

    quet. The history in that building

    is so thick you can cut it with a

    knife and speaking of knives you

    can expect to enjoy their fabu-

    lous seafood buffet and two

    hours of open bar thanks to

    MTU and the companys East

    Coast distributors Florida Detroit

    Diesel Allison and Johnson and

    Towers. Be sure to stop by their

    engine display and say hello.

    Putting on a charity event like

    this is impossible without the

    generosity of our sponsors. Its

    great to welcome back MTU af-

    ter being away for some so long

    and were pleased to have Salt

    Life Optics aboard as a major

    sponsor, too. Check out all the

    sponsors on the following pag-

    es. Each logo is a link so click em

    and let them know you appreci-

    ate their involvement.

    The sailfish action has been pick-

    ing up prior to the event. Could

    it portend great things for the

    Buc Cup? Possibly another rec-

    ord year of releases? That waits

    to be seen. We all recognize the

    rivalry between the live bait fliers

    and the dead bait trollers. In the

    past eight years live and dead

    bait boats have proven they can

    take the top prize and Calcutta

    money pretty much on an equal

    basis. Last year, with the main

    body of sails still well north of

    Fort Worth Inlet, in an area

    where trollers usually prevail, the

    Miss Annie won the tournament

    fishing live bait! It will be inter-

    esting to see how things stack

    up this year.

    Fred, Gary and Courtney wish all

    of you the best of luck in the

    52nd Annual Buccaneer Cup

    Sailfish Release Tournament and

    while not everyone can win we

    will strive to make it a first class

    event that you will enjoy partici-

    pating in while benefiting two

    great organizations.


    for the 52nd Annual Buccaneer Cup!

  • 8 51st Buccaneer Cup JAN 2014

    52nd BUCCANEER CUP 52nd BUCCANEER CUP 52nd BUCCANEER CUP It would be impossible to put on the Buccaneer Cup without

    cere thanks for all they do to make this tournament possible

  • JAN 2014 51st Buccaneer Cup 9

    CORPORATE SPONSORSCORPORATE SPONSORSCORPORATE SPONSORS the support of our many loyal sponsors. We extend our sin-

    for our benefactors, contestants and the Buc Cup legacy.

  • 12 52nd Buccaneer Cup JAN 2015

    General Information

    1) January 22, 2015 (6 PM) Captains Meeting: Buccaneer Yacht Club, 1281 N. Ocean Drive, Singer Island, FL 33404 (Registration/Calcutta Entry 4 to 6 PM)

    2) Fishing Days - January 23 & 24, 2015. (No Lay Day)

    3) Fishing Hours - Lines in 8:00 AM. Lines out 3:30 PM.

    4) Boundaries: From 27.30.00 latitude (Ft. Pierce Inlet area) to 26.02.00 latitude (Ft. Lauderdale Inlet area) and no further offshore than 072.50 longitude.

    5) Boats may leave from Lake Worth or Jupiter Inlets no earlier than 6:30 AM and must return catch logs to Sailfish Marina or Castaway Marina by 5:00 PM.

    6) Boats need fish only one day for tournament to be official.

    7) There is no weather committee. The determi-nation to fish is at the discretion of the captain and crew, who assume all liability for their deci-sions.

    8) Certified Observers may be provided by the tournament as available.

    Fishing Regulations

    9) I.G.F.A. Rules apply except as follows.

    10) Only non-offset circle hooks and maximum 20-lb. test line may be used.

    11) Double lines cannot be longer than 15 feet and the combined length of a double line and leader shall not exceed 20 feet.

    12) Live or dead baits may be used, but only one type of bait is permitted in the water at any time. Chumming of any kind, including with live bait, is prohibited. Backing into schools and casting from a dead boat are prohibited.

    13) No more than six rods are permitted in the water at any time. This includes rods being used to catch bait.

    14) No more than two kites for live bait and no more than two teasers or dredges for trolling are permitted. Live bait teasers are prohibited.

    Catch Validation

    15) To qualify for points each release must be called in to the Tournament Committee incuding the angler's full name immediately by VHF radio or cell phone and be acknowledged with an as-signed catch number and official time of release. Hook ups 15 minutes prior to the end of fishing must be called in for release after lines out to qualify.

    16) A release is official when either the leader is touched by the mate or the leader is wound in-side the rod tip.

    17) Your entry into either tournament implies ex-pressed approval that you and all anglers and crew members will submit to a polygraph test if requested by the rules committee. Failure to do will result in disqualification.

    Fishing Schedule - Rules - Prizes

  • JAN 2015 52nd Buccaneer Cup 13

    Point Structure & Scoring

    18) Release points will be awarded as follows: 200 points for sailfish on live bait. 300 point for sailfish on dead bait. 400 points for marlin on either bait. 19) In case of a tie the winners will be deter-mined by earliest release times.

    20) Protests must be submitted to the Rules Committee in writing accompanied by a non-refundable $500 filing fee no later than 5:00 PM. In all cases the decision of the Rules Committee is final.

    General Requirements

    21. Boats and anglers must comply with all state and federal fishing regulations and li-censing requirements. Failure to do so may result in disqualification. All boats must carry appropriate liability insurance.

    22. All boats must be a minimum of 27 feet LOA. The final determination of a boats eligi-bility will be at the discretion of the Rules Committee.


    $5,000 for most points live bait.

    $5,000 for most points dead bait.

    Added Entry Levels (Calcuttas)

    Overall Categories

    $5000 Most Points Overall (WTA)

    $3000 Most Points Overall (50/30/20)

    $3000 Daily Points (60/40)

    $1500 Most Billfish Released (60/40)

    Live Bait Categories

    $2000 Most Points Live Bait Daily (60/40)

    $2000 Most Points Live Bait Overall (WTA)

    Dead Bait Categories

    $2000 Most Points Dead Bait Daily (60/40)

    $2000 Most Points Dead Bait Overall (WTA)

    General Categories

    $250 Top Angler (WTA)

    $500 Biggest Meat Fish K D W (WTA)

    $500 Charity Category (Prize: Free Entry In Buccaneer Cup in 2016)

    (85% payout - 15% donated to chari-ties)

    All participants, captains and crews in the Buccaneer Cup Sailfish Re-lease Tournament enter at their own risk. Committee members and all other persons connected directly or indirectly with the operation of the tournaments shall be exempt from any liability for loss, damage, negligence, harm or injury to any participant, boat captain, crew member, vessel and/or equipment, which may occur during the tour-nament.

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  • JAN 2015 52nd Buccaneer Cup 15

    T he Buc Cup is again offering FREE Reel Time Scoring Apps to contestants and anyone else who wants to keep up with the ac-tion as it happens in this years tournament. . Reel Time Apps are easy to use with an intuitive design that allows even novice users to easily navigate the available information. App users can favorite a boat