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  1. 1. BRUCE CAMERON LISTON PAINTER 10.06.09 09:36 AM Serghei Rahmaninov Rapsodia
  2. 2. Bryce Cameron Liston believes that the highest form of art is the representation of the human figure. As a traditional painter and sculptor, he considers sound draftsmanship and a solid knowledge of human anatomy essential for the successful execution of his work. Collectors around the world are very familiar with his knowledge and talent. When viewing Listons work in person you cannott help but be drawn into evocative scenes. His paintings scintillate and vibrate with the poetry of light, and subtle color variations. Listons paintings of timeless beauty do embody so much more than sound draftsmanship. Bryce Cameron Liston believes that an accomplished artist has the power to convey emotion and even passion through his work by virtue of imagination, talent and experience. The artists sensibilities, along with his practical knowledge allow him to merge together the technical with the aesthetic, the physical with the spiritual. Im a figurative painter focusing on narrative subjects, he says. Listons artistic inspiration comes largely from the late 19th century. He lists John William Waterhouse, William Bouguereau, Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, and John Singer Sargent among his strongest influences. As an artist my career is dedicated to the integrity and quality of representational fine art, says Liston. My goal is to regain the traditions of the past along with the standards of craftsmanship and training. By studying the great artists of the past, we artists of today can once again regain a full command of proficiency to create great works of art art about life. Education: Studio of Edward J. Fraughton, 1985-2000. University of Utah, 1985-1986. Self study abroad: France, England, Greece: 1988, 1996, 2000, 2001.Exhibitions: One Man Show, Rive Gauche Art Gallery Scottsdale, AZ, January 17, 2008. International Guild of Realism Winter Show, Scottsdale Fine Art Scottsdale, AZ, Jan. 13 - Jan. 30, 2008. OPA 2007 Central Regional Juried Exhibition, South Wind Gallery Topeka, KS, Sept. 28 - Nov. 10, 2007. Group Show, Galerie Kornye West Ft. Worth, TX, September 8, 2007. Richard Schmid Fine Art Auction Rist Canyon, CO, September 2, 2007. Human Form Show, Tanglewood Gallery Flagstaff, AZ, August 3, 2007. Pioneer Show, Apple Gallery Bountiful, UT, July 18 - August 18, 2007. The Society of Master Impressionists International 2007 Exhibition, Sunset Center Amarillo, TX, June 2 - July 4, 2007.
  3. 3. Salon International 2007, Greenhouse Gallery San Antonio, TX, May 19 - June 8, 2007. Award of Merit - 83rd Annual Spring Salon, Springville Art Museum Springville, UT, Apr. 29 - July 8, 2007. Finalist - for February (Ukrainian Girl); March (The Rose Bower); April (From the Deep) 2007 in the Raymar Second Annual Fine Art Competition. 74th Annual Exhibition National Sculpture Society, Park Avenue Atrium Gallery New York, NY, Feb. 20 - June 1, 2007; Show resuming at The Tampa Museum of Art, Tampa, FL July 21 - Sept. 30, 2007. 73rd Annual Exhibition, National Sculpture Society, The Quick Center for the Arts Fairfield, CT, Sept. 21 - Dec. 10, 2006; Show resuming at The Brookgreen Gardens Murrells Inlet, SC, Jan. 13 - Feb. 25, 2007. One-Man Show; Threads of Life, Meyers - Rive Gauche Gallery Scottsdale, AZ, November 16, 2006. Celebration of the Human Form, Tanglewood Gallery Flagstaff, AZ, September 1, 2006. Park City Arts Festival Park City, UT, August 5-6, 2006. Salon International 2006, Greenhouse Gallery San Antonio, TX, May 20 - June 16, 2006. Directors Choice Award - 82nd Annual Spring Salon Springville Art Museum Springville, UT, Apr. 29 - July 2, 2006. Third Place Winner - 15th Annual Oil Painters of America National Juried Exhibition, Missoula, MT, May 5 - June 24, 2006. Literary Sculpture Exhibition, National Sculpture Society Park Avenue Atrium New York, NY, April 3 - July 14, 2006. Third Place Winner - 2006 Statewide Competition Bountiful/Davis Art Center Bountiful, UT, February 17 - March 31, 2006. Top Prize for Best Narrative Sculpture - 2005 Viselaya Sculpture Competition, Concord, MA, Sep. 10 - Oct. 7, 2005. Awarded commission of the 9/11 Flight Crew Memorial monument 2005 (nationwide competition). Honorable Mention - First Annual Selected Figure Drawing Exhibition 2004 from the New England Realist Art Centers. Honorable Mention - 1st International ARC Salon Competition 2004, presented by the Art Renewal Center. Gold Medal Winner - 2002 Cultural Olympiad Statewide Competition. Visions and Victories and the Olympic Spirit Bountiful/Davis Art Center Feb. 15 - Mar. 29, 2002. Sports Sculpture Exhibition National Sculpture Society Park Avenue Atrium, New York, NY, May 6 - Jul. 26, 2002.
  4. 4. Upcoming Publications: Cover Art for Upcoming Novel, The Dukays, (2008) Published by 1500 Books. Previous Publications: American Art Collector Magazine (January, 2008), Keeping it Real & The Art Lovers Guide to Collecting Fine Art in Scottsdale, Arizona. Strokes of Genius: The Best of Drawing, published by North Light Books (2007). The Artists Magazine (July/August, 2007), feature article: Romantic Form. The Noise-The Creative Arts & News Magazine of Northern Arizona (Cover & Feature Article August, 2007). The Noise-The Creative Arts & News Magazine of Northern Arizona (Cover and Feature Article, May, 20072007). Fine Art Connoisseur (April, 2007), Utah: Not What You Might Expect. The Noise-The Creative Arts & News Magazine of Northern Arizona (Cover and Feature Article, Sept, 2006). American Artist-Artist of the Month (Oct, 2006). "Antike Und Gegenwart (Antique and Present), Daphne ~ Narcissus ~ Pygmalion." Author: Rudolf Hennebhl, published in Germany by C.C.Buchner
  5. 5. An Offering Bella Donna
  6. 6. Dance of theFirebird Dusk in the Hollows
  7. 7. Early Morning Rehearsal
  8. 8. Encroaching Darkness Winter Bows to Spring
  9. 9. Emma
  10. 10. From the Deep Silk
  11. 11. Le Scarpe Verdi
  12. 12. Vintage'67
  13. 13. Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May
  14. 14. Grandma's Poppies May Breezes
  15. 15. Her First Date
  16. 16. Jupiter Dawning
  17. 17. Love and the poet
  18. 18. Private Reserve
  19. 19. Raindrops
  20. 20. Saving Grace
  21. 21. Russina tea party
  22. 22. Star Crossed Lover
  23. 23. The Enchanted Lake
  24. 24. The Mystic The Enchanted Study
  25. 25. Summer's Harvest Early Harvest
  26. 26. Twilight's Blush The Phoenix
  27. 27. The Prophecy
  28. 28. The Rose Bower
  29. 29. The Snow Maiden
  30. 30. Town& Country Mouse
  31. 31. Legend of the Selkie The Turning Away
  32. 32. Warmth The Lovely Lady,Christabel
  33. 33. Shades of Night Descending
  34. 34. Awakening the Muse
  35. 35. The Little Knitter Silent Resolve
  36. 36. Echo and Narcisuss
  37. 37. Mother and Daughter A Scottish Flower
  38. 38. Circe Awaits Lemongrass
  39. 39. Sandal Wood Jasmine
  40. 40. Amethyst
  41. 41. Apricots
  42. 42. Daybreak
  43. 43. Crimson
  44. 44. The TwilightGathering
  45. 45. The Secret Grove
  46. 46. Sweet September
  47. 47. Afternoon Tea Tadpole
  48. 48. June.01.2009 T H EE N D A.C