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British Icons. Alberto Alejandro David Janeka. Notting Hill Carnival. The largest Street Festival in Europe. Notting Hill. It is an area in London, close to the north-western corner of Kensington Gardens. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • British IconsAlbertoAlejandroDavidJaneka

  • Notting Hill CarnivalThe largest Street Festival in Europe

  • Notting Hill It is an area in London, close to the north-western corner of Kensington Gardens. It is known for the Notting Hill Carnival, Portobello Road Market and the film of Julia Robert.

  • HistoryThe Caribbean had his first carnival in 1833 in Trinidad to celebrate that slavery was abolished.During the 1950s people from Caribbean came to Great Britain to work.In 1958 there was violence between white people and black people in the Notting Hill area in west of London.

  • Notting Hill CarnivalIt Take place at every August Bank Holiday weekend in the streets of west London. It always took place at Notting Hill Gate since 1964.

  • Mix of styles:

    Calypso.Soca.Masquerade.Steelpan.Static Sound Systems.

    Notting Hill Carnival

  • Notting Hill CarnivalCalypso

    Afro-Caribbean music.

  • Notting Hill CarnivalSoca

    A fusion of soul music and calypso.

  • Notting Hill CarnivalMasquerade

    Mass bands, or costumed processions and floats.

  • Notting Hill CarnivalSteelpan

    A traditional Trinidadian instrument.

  • Notting Hill Carnival

    Static Sound Systems

    Positioned around the Carnival area provide the perfect setting for DJs to show their stuff. From Latin jazz, reggae and garage to hip hop and drum n bass.

  • Notting Hill CarnivalPlanning

    Saturday: The festival begin to live with the top steel pan players competition in Hyde Park.Sunday: Steelbands participate in a procession to mark the official opening of the Notting Hill Carnival. Revellers daub paint and mud on themselves. It is a day for children and family.Monday: The main parade take place,this day is for adults.

  • Notting Hill CarnivalRoute

  • St Pauls Cathedral

  • A cathedral dedicate toPaul the Apostle, which is sat at the top ofLudgate Hill, the highest point in theCity of London.

    It is the mother church of the Diocese of London.

  • It was designed in theEnglish Baroque style bySir Christopher Wren on the 17th century.

    It was part of a major rebuilding programme which took place after theGreat Fire of London.

    Its style...

  • It is famousIts dome is also among the highest in the world. It is thesecond largest building in theUnited KingdomafterLiverpool Cathedral.

  • CuriositiesFunerals ofLord Nelson, theDuke of Wellington, SirWinston ChurchillandMargaret Thatcher.

    Royal Wedding of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Lady Diana Spencer.

  • Who are the most famous British for British people?

  • The BBC conducted a survey across the UK to discover people who are regarded as the most important British of all time. In this particular list, characters of all times and the most diverse professions appear.The criterion was simply vote for the characters considered "excellent and remarkable". More than 30,000 people responded to the survey

  • Alexander Fleming (London, 1851-1955)Alexander Graham Bell (Edimburgo, 1847-1922)

  • Tony Blair (Edimburgo, 1953-Nowadays)Charles Dickens (Portsmouth, 1812-1870)

  • Charles Darwin (Shrewsbury, 1809-1882)Charles Chaplin (London, 1889-1977)Statue in London

  • David Beckham (London, 1975-Nowadays)Horatio Nelson (Burnham Thorpe, 1758-1805)Nelson column in Trafalgar Square

  • Isaac Newton (Lincolnshire, 1642-1727)Statue at the Oxford University Museum of Natural HistoryFreddy Mercury (Stone Town, 1946-1991) Statue overlooking Lake Geneva in Switzerland

  • Jane Austen (Steventon, 1775-1817)Janes house in Chawton, a museum nowadaysJ. K. Rowling (South Gloucestershire, 1965-nowadays)

  • Oliver Cromwell (Huntingdon, 1599-1658)Statue in Palace of WestminsterJohn Lennon (Liverpool, 1940-1980)

  • Stephen Hawking (Oxford, 1942-nowadays)Diana Spencer, Lady Di (Norfolk, 1961-1997)

  • William Shakespeare (Avon, 1564-1616)Shakespeare monument in the Holy Trinity Church (Stratford)Winston Churchill (Oxfordshire, 1864-1965)Statue in London