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  • Briefing Pack for ManagersThe Importance of Diversity In the Workplace Engendering a Culture of Respect

    British Telecommunications plc

    What is the difference between Equality and Diversity?Equal Opportunities Reactive: Driven by legislation Removing barriers Improving numbers Focus on under-represented group DiversityPro-active: Driven by organisational need Nurturing potential Improving the learning and working environment Focus on the individual

    British Telecommunications plc

    Equality is.?Equality is about making sure people are treated fairly and given fair chances. Equality is not about treating everyone in the same way, but it recognises that their needs are met in different ways.

    British Telecommunications plc

    Diversity is..?Diversity is based on the concept of recognition of differences: recognising that everyone is different, and respecting and encouraging those differences for business benefit

    British Telecommunications plc

    What is Diversity?The diversity mosaic includes all the unique differences that make each of us who we are

    British Telecommunications plc

    Diversity what makes us the same or different?Working arrangements: full/part-time; office-based/remoteJob role: manager; professional; team member; length of service; experience; skillsPersonality: reserved/gregarious; adventurous/careful; logical/creativePersonal circumstances: parental or caring responsibilities; family status; life-cycle eventsBackground: socio-economic; education; qualificationsChoices/preferences: home location; hobbies; lifestyle; dress; tastesWe are all diverse!

    British Telecommunications plc

    So What?A diverse workforce reflects the marketplace in which we operateIndividuals from diverse communities can relate to our customers. This gives an improved customer experience and a higher level of customer serviceCustomers make choices based on how well companies relate to them and understand their needs. Diversity means that BT creates better products and services for its customers and therefore has a better market shareGood E&D/CSR credentials help us attract and retain talent and make us an employer of choiceDiversity helps BT be First ChoiceBTs people networks provide insight into diverse markets and help us develop competitive products and services

    British Telecommunications plc

    Facts and Figures Did You Know?99% of women in BT return to work after maternity leave compared to an industry average of 40%75% of people return to work after extended sick leave compared to industry average of 25%9.8% of the BT workforce is from an ethnic minority background compared to 7.9% in the UK3% of workforce have declared a disability22% of the BT workforce is female which compares well with other telecoms sector businesses85% of part timers are femaleThere are 13,750 homeworkers in BT5,000 people in BT work part timeSince BT removed the normal retirement age there are now 1,244 people over 60 working for BT1/3rd of the UK workforce is aged over 50Only 4.4% of our recruits are aged over 5015% of recruits in 06/07 were from ethnic minority background

    British Telecommunications plc

    Facts & Figures - BenchmarkingLatest Benchmarking Results show how BT compares to other organisations

    British Telecommunications plc

    Diversity Facts and Figures - GeneralIn the UK the estimated annual disposable spend of the following groups is:Disabled people and their carers =80 billionOver 50s =55 billionEthnic minority population =45 billionLGBT community =40 billion Purchasing power of the Black and minority ethnic community increased by 64.7 % between 1998 and 2004Over 80% of family purchasing decisions are made by women51% of independent retail outlets in the UK are owned by black and minority ethnic entrepreneurs25% of all SMEs are owned by women10% of business start ups in the UK are from ethnic minority groups

    British Telecommunications plc

    Diversity Demographic DataBy 2008 68% of the workforce will be female1 in 4 of the European population either has a disability or knows someone who does27% of the European workforce now works flexibly (35% UK). This is expected to grow by 10% year on yearThe 18-24 age group is decreasing by approximately 10.5% a year due to birth patterns in the mid-1980s relating to changes in lifestyles and women becoming primary earnersThe fastest growing population in the UK is the 16-24 ethnic minority groupIn 2007 1 in 4 of the population is over the age of 451 in 14 of the UK population is Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, TransgenderGraduates are seeking a stronger focus on Work/Life Balance and CSR issues when selecting future employers

    British Telecommunications plc

    Every colleague or customer interaction could provide you withAn opportunity to learn about othersAn opportunity to understand how to use diversity to provide a better level of customer serviceAn opportunity to understand how diversity adds commercial financial benefit to BT

    British Telecommunications plc

    Further InformationBT Retail Equality and Diversity Homepage

    Customer Service Equality and Diversity Homepage

    Your Line of Business E & D representative

    Equality focuses on those areas covered by the law, namely the key areas of race, gender, disability and, more recently, religion or belief, Age and sexual orientation.

    People must not be unfairly discriminated against because of any of these factors and we must all contribute to creating a positive learning and working environment where discriminatory practices and discrimination do not happen.

    People with different backgrounds and attitudes bring fresh ideas and perceptions, and a diverse organisation can draw upon the widest range of experiences so it can listen to, and meet, the needs of its staff and customers and the community it serves. Diversity is based upon a positive attitude towards difference, but with limits. These limits are socially-imposed - no organisation would respect the difference a violent racist would bring and business-based, one would not encourage a particular individual's attitude if it were set against an organisation's goals. Diversity, therefore, is not limitless tolerance or "anything goes."

    At BT, weve learned that diversity and inclusion are expressed differently around the world and diversity is truly about differences in the broadest sense./////This puzzle is a symbolic symbolizes the many, many differences that represent BT people all around the world. //////It is our intent to create a work environment that is a catalystfor putting the power of those differences to work/////////// --- bringing out the best in everyone//// to help us create an inclusive workplace and a competitive workforce to win in the global marketplace.

    Ask the group:

    Are there more elements to the puzzle? See the next slide for moreE& D - Equality and DiversityCSR Corporate Social Responsibility

    Diversity in BT has 3 elements:

    Customers and the Market - we use our own employee experience for example Salary sacrifice childcare, flexible working as products to sell to other organisations.Employees (see web sites such as eNable and Able2 for example)Social inclusion (all the charitable work we do)LOB E & D Reps

    Caroline Pettit-Fall MHF1CS HR

    Michelle Russell M7K14 Business Service Management

    Susan Celino M7L221CS Complaints CERT

    David Hill M7R8 Shared Support

    Pauline JenningsM7BE Channel Management

    Marc Johnson M7D92BT Directories

    Mike Magin M7F6Programmes

    Mike Bell M7D3 Billing & Enquiries

    Beccy Woodruff M7CA2Consumer Service Management


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