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Branding the Place Casper, Wyoming Area. Summary of Brand Research Results and New Strategic Directions. Introductions and Meeting Overview. Opening remarks Brand research and strategy advisors Gary Sherwin and Don Anderson Believable Brands Purpose of meeting. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Branding the Place--Casper, WY Area (April 7, 2014)

Branding the PlaceCasper, Wyoming AreaSummary of Brand Research Results and New Strategic Directions

1Introductions and Meeting OverviewOpening remarksBrand research and strategy advisors

Gary Sherwin and Don AndersonBelievable BrandsPurpose of meetingPlaceDestinationCommunityMeeting Goals and OutcomesTo provide a briefing on the reasons why the Casper brand assessment and strategy development was required.To acknowledge the brand research methodology employed and participation responses.To know about residents, stakeholders, visitors and potential visitors images, perceptions and feelings about Casper.To gain insight into what makes Casper unique and distinctive so that a definitive community/destination brand strategy and subsequent stronger place marketing program can be developed and delivered.An Overview of the Casper Brand Assessment Program of Work

Brand Development Recognized for Successful Casper Community DevelopmentTo be a successful place a strong consumer experience and brand identity needs to be aligned to focused development and marketing communications.City of CasperNatrona County CommissionersCasper Area Convention & Visitors BureauCasper Downtown Development AuthorityCasper Area Economic Development AuthorityCasper Area Chamber of CommerceCasper BrandMarketing ChallengesLow community/destination awarenessPredominant energy and outdoor recreation imageryHigh overshadowing profile of Yellowstone and Grand Teton ParksLack of gateway appeal and effective wayfindingNot taking full advantage of its central Wyoming locationNational Parks Scenery Natural Experience(driving, hiking and wildlife watching)Wyoming Top AppealsCasper Brand Research OutcomesCompellingPlace/DestinationEXPERIENCEInfluentialBrandMESSAGINGTo: Drive new and/or current place demandEnhance the destination experienceNot Just Logos, Slogans and Ad Campaigns

Casper Brand Research Program of WorkComprehensive and Inclusive Record of In-Depth Opinions and InsightsBrand EducationBrand understanding and expected outcomes dialogue with prominent community, corporate and visitor industry leaders (November 1, 2013 Brand Leadership Summit)Competitive city destination brand evaluationAlmost 100 people directly involved through personal interviews, Brand Board/other group meetings and above public forumCasper Brand Research Program of WorkBrand Public InputThree online surveys across four audiencesData collection and analysis from December 2013 to March 2014High confidence level for residents/stakeholders while visitor/potential visitor responses as indicator onlyVisitors/Potential VisitorsCommunity/IndustryStakeholdersResidentsN=282(V: 163; PV: 119)Margin of ErrorV: +/7.68%PV: +/8.98%N=83Margin of Error+/4.85%N=1,356Margin of Error+/2.63%Highlights of Casper Brand Research Results

Casper Brand Research Key Results

Most Frequently Mentioned Functional Image Attributes(percentage of respondents)ImageVisitorsPotential VisitorsResidentsStakeholdersAllCasper Mountain14.00.034.427.431.0Fishing12.11.513.612.312.8Alcova Lake/Pathfinder Reservoir5. Platte River11.21.512.312.311.8Casper Events Center3. recreation/activities1. culture/heritage/history7.517. Casper Brand Place/Activity AttributesCasper MountainNorth Platte River and ReservoirsCasper Events Center+Fishing & HuntingVisitorsResidentsPotential Visitors+

Casper Brand Research Key Results

Most Frequently Mentioned Emotional Image Attributes(percentage of respondents)AttributeVisitorsPotential VisitorsResidentsStakeholdersAllFriendly39.621.434.438.834.5Windy5. town feel0. Casper Brand Feeling AttributesFRIENDLYBeautiful, Relaxing and OutdoorsyWINDYCaution!Boring and Rude

Casper Brand Research Key ResultsTop Distinctive Attractions and Events(percentage of respondents)AttractionVisitorsPotential VisitorsResidentsStakeholdersAllCasper Mountain19.02.722.118.821.2Casper Events Center6. National Finals Rodeo3.00.016.326.115.4Central Wyoming Fair and Rodeo7.00.011.510.110.9National Historic Trails Center12. Caspar6. (not specified) Summer Festival2.00.08.311.67.8Alcova Lake/Pathfinder Reservoir3. Brand Research Key Results25 Descriptive Statements of Casper as a Destination (mean rating based on a 5-point scale)Survey TypeVisitorsPotential VisitorsResidentsStakeholdersAllThe area has wide open spaces4.153.884.194.434.19The area contains beautiful nature and scenery4. area offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation4.073.873.964.353.98The area is rich in history and culture4.063.883.764.063.80Casper is easily accessible3.813.603.663.723.67Casper is a safe area3.703.663.643.783.66Casper is protective of its natural landscape and wildlife3.813.903.573.603.60Casper Brand Research Key Results25 Descriptive Statements of Casper as a Travel Destination (mean rating based on a 5-point scale)Survey TypeVisitorsPotential VisitorsResidentsStakeholdersAllPeople residing in Casper are warm and friendly3.973.753.533.643.58The overall mood of the area is peaceful and relaxed3.923.833.503.673.55The area offers a good variety of accommodation choices3.623.653.473.613.49The area offers a variety of dining experiences3.653.563.433.443.46The destination is affordable3.713.433.423.753.46The area offers affordable accommodation choices3.663.563.323.543.37Casper Brand Research Key Results25 Descriptive Statements of Casper as a Travel Destination (mean rating based on a 5-point scale)Survey TypeVisitorsPotential VisitorsResidentsStakeholdersAllThe area offers year-round activities3.603.583.293.683.35Casper is clean3.493.733.303.353.33Casper is a unique destination3.653.673.263.353.31Casper offers a variety of shopping options3.463.373.263.643.29The destination offers good value3.543.633.233.663.29Casper provides good service quality to its visitors3.653.483.203.393.2618Casper Brand Research Key Results25 Descriptive Statements of Casper as a Travel Destination (mean rating based on a 5-point scale)Survey TypeVisitorsPotential VisitorsResidentsStakeholdersAllWell-developed general infrastructure is in place3.373. area offers a variety of things to do for families3.593.553.023.653.12Casper has a good reputation as a visitor destination3.443.533.033.113.09Interesting cultural activities are available3.493.382.933.333.01The area offers a variety of nightlife and entertainment3.093.412.562.562.63Casper has good weather3.033.362.522.532.6019Casper Brand Research Main ConclusionsCaspers key attraction/activity appeals are Casper Mountain, fishing and hunting, open spaces/ranges, North Platte River, shopping, rodeos and Casper Events Center.Caspers key emotional appeals are friendly, relaxing and outdoorsy; negative feelings as being boring and rude.Caspers destination stories and tourism messaging tocenter on outdoor recreation, sports and adventure travel, and cultural heritage tourism experiences.Casper Brand Research Main ConclusionsCaspers tourism marketing to be primarily online communications with strong social media/VFR engagement and efforts directed to key city origin markets, destination event promotion/sales andcontact database growth and regular brand messaging.Casper Brand Development OpportunitiesThere is a long term need for an enhanced gateway experience and improved visitor wayfinding.Casper Pride in Place program directed at residents would be beneficial.A Customer Service Training Program would enhance the visitor/guest experience.There is an opportunity for a Tourism Development Master Plan to focus on expanding visitor infrastructure (more shopping, walking trails, convention center, etc.).Formulation of the Casper Brand Promise

The Casper Brand Promise RationaleDesigned to be used by the Casper community as an internal guiding star in telling its story to audiencesBased on the brand research findings, this defines what makes the city unique and distinctive from an activity and feeling behavior basisUsed to measure against all future brand marketing programs so that messaging is consistent and influentialThe promise is the Casper place/destination brand!The Proposed Casper Brand PromiseWith a legacy of western historic trails set against Casper Mountain in central Wyoming, Casper is a relaxing outdoor recreation destination featuring open ranges, fishing, hunting and beautiful Alcova/Pathfinder Lakes and the North Platte River. With its friendly people, the community is the states business capital and home to the College National Finals Rodeo, Fort Caspar and the Casper Events Center. With its revitalized 1920s downtown, it is a place that attracts the adventuresome, the risk takers and those seeking a peaceful family lifestyle.Casper Brand Strategic Focus and DirectionsNext StepsTo document the Casper place/destination brand strategy blueprint and summary reportTo understand and apply the Casper place/destination brand strategy conclusions and new directions and present final results to the publicTo prepare the Casper place/destination creative guidelines for identity refinementCasper, Wyoming AreaSummary of Brand Research Results and New Strategic DirectionsClosing Remarks


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