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<ul><li> 1. 5, Hide Road, Kolkata 700 043. Braithwaite &amp; Co. Ltd. (A Government of India Undertaking) under Ministry of Railways </li></ul> <p> 2. Braithwaite &amp; Co. Ltd. (BCL) Welcomes Juries of Selection Committee, Engineering Excellence Awards 2013 To a brief presentation on Project Title BTFLN Wagon manufactured first time for Indian Railways 7th October 2013, New Delhi. 3. BCL at a Glance... BCL a heavy engineering company, incorporated in 1930 in Kolkata. Nationalized and incorporated as a Government Company in 1976. Company transferred to Ministry of Railways w.e.f 06.08.2010. Awarded "Turnaround CPSE Award 2010" by BRPSE in March 2011. Awarded CII Productivity Award 2011-12. Glorious past showcased includes Howrah Bridge, Vidya Sagar Setu at Kolkata. Company consistently achieving higher Production, Sales &amp; Profit. 4. Why BTFLN Wagon chosen for the Award Indian Railways awarded the BTFLN Wagon Manufacturing Contract only to M/s Braithwaite &amp; Co. Limited based on BCLs past performance. The manufacturing of PROTO Wagon was a very challenging task as this was designed for the first time. Lot of trial assembly and subsequent changes in fitment of components took place during Proto wagon manufacturing stage. Finally BCL manufactured the wagon after modification of brake arrangement drawing &amp; incorporation of fabricated T-Section which were approved by RITES and RDSO. This Frameless Wagon is a new breed of petroleum carrier tank wagon designed with advanced features in comparison to conventional BTPN Type Tank Wagon. The company has successfully manufactured 250 Wagons, as per Contract Terms maintaining cost, quality &amp; time and these wagons are running successfully on Railway track. 5. Designed By: RITES Ltd. Developed By: Research Design &amp; Standard Organisation. (Ministry of Railways) Manufactured By: Braithwaite &amp; Co. Ltd. (A Govt. of India Undertaking) Ministry of Railways. 6. HYDRAULIC TEST OF BARREL The barrel complete with internal fittings including Master Valve &amp; Bottom discharge Valve after being mounted on the under frame shall be tested HYDROSTATICALLY to pressure 2.8 Kg / cm. sq. against leakage of longitudinal and circumferential weld seams of Barrel along with fitted valves. The pressure is maintained for 30 Minutes (min.). 7. A BREAK THROUGH TECHNOLOGY The newly designed tank barrel is inclined at 1 deg towards discharge points to facilitate easy flow of POL Products. 8. The wagon is manufactured from: SAILMA 350 IS: 8500 Fe 570B These high strength micro alloyed steels have higher yield strength, higher notch toughness, good fatigue properties, excellent weld ability and good formability. 9. HUCK BOLT FASTENING SYSTEM Heavy duty applications demand tough, reliable fasteners. For application ranging from RAIL WAGON to MINING EQUIPMENT, HUCK BOLT fastening system offers superior vibration resistance and overall durability. Low cost fastening system. Extraordinarily low installation time. Safe, Worker friendly &amp; above all Environment Friendly. 10. TEE SECTION DESCRIPTION BTFLN BTPN (conventional) TEE SAILMA 350 GRADE STEEL X NEWLY DESIGNED TEE ABOLISHES FULL LENGTH UNDERFRAME OF CONVENTIONAL WAGON. DIRECTLY IMPACT THE HIGHTENING PERFORMACE OF WAGON. 11. CENTER SILL DESCRIPTION BTFLN BTPN (conventional) CENTER SILL SAILMA 350 GRADE STEEL IS: 2062 Fe410 CuWA GRADE STEEL ADVANTAGE: SAILMA 350 MICRO ALLOYED STEEL RESULTS ENHANCED PERFORMANCE &amp; DURABILITY. NEWLY DESIGNED CENTER SILL IS SHORTER IN LENGTH THAT RESULTS LEGHTER WEIGHT &amp; INCREASES THE CARRYING CAPACITY. 12. BOLSTER DESCRIPTION BTFLN BTPN (conventional) CONTACT SURFACE AREA OF BOLSTER (TOP &amp; BOTTOM) MORE LESS ADVANTAGE: MORE CONTACT AREA MEANS HIGHER BEARING CAPACITY THAN ITS PREDECESSOR BTPN WAGON 13. SOLE BAR DESCRIPTION BTFLN BTPN (conventional) SOLE BAR SAILMA 350 GRADE STEEL IS: 2062 Fe410 CuWA GRADE STEEL ADVANTAGE: SAILMA 350 MICRO ALLOYED STEEL RESULTS ENHANCED PERFORMANCE &amp; DURABILITY. STEEL SECTION IS LESSER THAT ITS PREDECESSOR BTPN WAGON THAT RESULTS LEGHTER WEIGHT &amp; INCREASES THE CARRYING CAPACITY. 14. UNDER FRAME FRAMELESS UNDERFRAME DESIGNED TO LOW WEIGHT &amp; HIGHER PERFORMANCE. MANFACTURED FROM SAILMA: 350 MICRO ALLOYED STEEL. 15. BOGIE MOUNTED BRAKE SYSTEM IMPROVED BRAKING EFFICIENCY. LESS NUMBER OF PARTS REDUCED WEIGHT UNIFORM SHOE WEAR &amp; WHEEL WEAR. INCREASED RELIABILITY. EASY MAINTENANCE. VERY EASY TO ASSEMBLE REDUCED INSTALLATION TIME. 16. BOGIE MOUNTED BRAKE SYSTEM ONE OF THE MOST MODERN BRAKE SYSTEM. INTEGRATED DOUBLE ACTING SLACK ADJUSTER. MAINTAINS A CONSTANT STROKE. EASILY ADJUSTABLE ON WAGON. 17. Higher Carrying Capacity increases by 3.67 MT than its predecessor BTPN Wagon (53 MT). DESCRIPTION BTFLN BTPN (conventional) CARRYING CAPACITY 76,000 LTRs 70,000 LTRs BENEFIT : Can carry 6000 Ltrs more commodity. 18. High Speed Equipped with HS Bogie Low Tare Weight DESCRIPTION BTFLN BTPN (conventional) Bogie HS Bogie with Spring Combination 14:12:4 NLB Bogie with Spring Combination 12:8:4 Tare Weight 27 MT 24.2 MT 19. The newly designed tank barrel is inclined at 1 degree towards discharge points to facilitate flawless, easy &amp; quick discharging of POL Products. 20. There were no cost overrun or time overrun. Quality of this wagon was of very high standard resulted in no customer complaint. 21. 250 Wagons have been manufactured and despatched with last consignment on 30th September2012. Because of operational excellence, Railway Board has given repeat order of 480 Wagons which is under execution. 22. This wagon is having the advantage of carrying 7% more POL Products as comparison to its predecessor BTPN Wagon. This resulted in cost advantage for Indian Railway. 23. This wagon is designed to run at higher speed than BTPN Wagon resulting in less transportation time cycle. 24. This wagon is designed with advanced and faster loading and unloading system resulting lesser haulage time. 25. This wagon is equipped with state of the art Bogie Mounted Brake System (BMBS) which is an advanced braking mechanism. This increases more safety factor. 26. The design of this wagon is in compliance with European and American Standard for Tank Wagon. As it has already been a tested product hence no foreign support is required. 27. Higher operational efficiency. Innovative indigenous technology. Greater self reliance. 28. Braithwaite has established its position of having capability of executing such innovative wagons with complex design. Manufacturing of this wagon has substantially improved the Braithwaites credibility among wagon builders. Due to successful execution of this new type wagon, BCL has proved its excellence in pioneering execution of new type wagon. 29. Indian Railway because of BCLs outstanding performance in BTFLN, has decided to place repeat order of 480 BTFLN Wagons &amp; the same is under execution. This success of BCL, has been highly appreciated by Railway Board. Board reposed their confidence on BCL by deciding placement of a new type BOBSN (MBS) Wagon to Braithwaite. 30. BCL has proved its readiness in manufacturing new type of wagons maintaining Cost, Quality &amp; Time. In recognition to this Railway Board has placed repeat order of 480 BTFLN Wagons which is under execution. BCL has shown its potential to penetrate in export market with this new product. This upgraded wagon manufacturing technology resulted in building the capability of Braithwaite in manufacturing all types of newly designed wagons. </p>