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. Brain Storming. Session 1 - Brain Storming. Objectives. To facilitate team members in diverting attention from daily stereo type tasks and setting the Mind Set to the purpose of this workshop breaking self created barriers that we have inside us. Are you ready for the change ?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Brain Storming

  • ObjectivesSession 1 - Brain StormingTo facilitate team members in diverting attention from daily stereo type tasks and setting the Mind Set to the purpose of this workshopbreaking self created barriers that we have inside usAre you ready for the change ?

  • What you see in this picture ?VISION.. The ability to envision the future

  • What is going on ?Dont let the illusions deceive you..

  • Where is the entrance to the tunnel ? Numerous solutions evolve to a problem once we start FOCUSINGCan you see black shapes ?

  • Which color is on front ? Usually, we see notice those things which are easy and apparent, ignoring other factors. Mind-Set Barriers are inside us. Planning helps us to identify and break these barriers.Is there any white triangle ? There is no white triangle

  • Why the picture on left is more sharp ?Determining the boundaries/scope of operations and individual tasks help us a lot to concentrate and focus, which eventually improve the quality of performance and resultsThese black lines represent boundaries / scope of operations and individual tasks and help us to focus

  • Opportunities are every where around us, but hidden, we have to find and explore themWhats in there ?

  • FOCUSING is too simple, it only needs concentrationCan you see Grey and black tops of the stairs?Can you find NIXON ?

  • Count the black dotsWe can not base our future on illusions, we should justify our dreams by being realistic.

  • Concentrate to unfold the secrets and predict future How many faces are there in this picture ?

  • We usually look at the PROBLEMS and ignore the APPARENT ANCILARY SOLUTIONSIn the following chart, 1,2,3 ..0 are written in words under the digits just to help you. So now, how will you know which figure is what digit? Color coding is there.A spy is using only 8 and 4 for making symbols to represent digits 0 to 9. To facilitate decoding he uses two colors at different places on 8 and 4 to make them distinctive.

  • Maximizing profit is only possible if we set ourselves free to positive changes.Maximizing Profits

  • Ever experienced the power of FOCUSING ?Focusing on objectives, accompanied with proper timely action(s) bring the desired results

  • Break the shield around you and prove yourself

  • Working together towards a common objective is half way doneTEAM WORK

  • DETERMINATION is the source to Achievements

  • Its never too late!!!!!!!!

  • Achieving success is not a real achievementAny one can succeed with a little planned workReal achievement is carrying the success in years to comeHow to become a Real Achiever ?

  • Success Continuity ModelVisionImaginationPassionOptimismRealismOpportunityRiskCourageFocusTeam WorkDecisionInnovationSuccess continuityActionPlanning


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