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<ul><li><p>For further information please visit www.bpalternativenergy.com</p><p>This wallet and its contents have been printed on Regency Satin paper which contains woodpulps from well managed forests certified in accordance with the rules of the Forest Stewardship Council. Manufactured to ISO 14001, EMAS and the IPPC regulation for environmental standards, optimising energy usage, waste management and pollution prevention. Elemental Chlorine Free and totally biodegradable and acid free.</p><p>Printed by Anton Group Ltd, an FSC certified print company, certificate number TT-COC-002261.</p><p>BP Alternative EnergyWhats the Alternative?</p><p>This is why BP through BP Alternative Energy is investing </p><p>in a portfolio of new solutions, technologies and business </p><p>models. We already have substantial businesses in solar, </p><p>wind and gas-fired power and we are developing our work </p><p>on advanced biofuels and in the area of carbon capture and </p><p>storage. These draw on our historical and growing base of </p><p>research and engineering skill sets, including our expertise in </p><p>carbon sequestration and bioscience.</p><p>In each case, were serving customers in todays marketplace </p><p>at the same time as working on innovations for the future. In </p><p>solar power, for example, our task is not only to scale up our </p><p>manufacturing capacity and reach more customers today, </p><p>but to develop new, more efficient solar cells for tomorrow. </p><p>Similarly, in biofuels, were blending and distributing todays </p><p>bio-components, such as ethanol and biodiesel, but were </p><p>also investing in research to explore advanced biofuels that </p><p>will provide more environmental benefits and use crops other </p><p>than those which are also used for food. In carbon capture </p><p>and storage, were creating the potential for the generation </p><p>of cleaner power from fossil fuels. In doing so we seek to </p><p>demonstrate the wider application of a technology that can </p><p>be used in many types of industrial plants and which could </p><p>enable countries such as the US, China and India to use their </p><p>massive supplies of coal in a much more sustainable way.</p><p>These are big challenges and we cant go it alone. These </p><p>businesses need specialist technology and new approaches </p><p>if they are to grow to scale. So we need to combine our </p><p>skills and experience with the talent and capability of many </p><p>partners. We also need to engage with governments, as they </p><p>hold the policy keys to unlock the potential of secure, low-</p><p>carbon energy for example by setting a price on carbon and </p><p>rewarding low-carbon solutions.</p><p>Alternative Energy is the catalyst for BP to take a set of new technologies, investigate their possibilities, explore the opportunities for investment, collaboration and development, work with policy-makers to promote and reward low-carbon solutions and ultimately meet the demand for cleaner and secure energy.</p><p>Outer</p><p>5285-AE Folder (artwork).indd 1 18/2/08 18:06:26</p></li><li><p>The world is set to continue to grow growth that will be </p><p>reliant upon the provision of energy from both traditional </p><p>sources and increasingly from new, alternative energies and </p><p>technologies. These will play an important role in enabling </p><p>government and the energy industry to confront a series of </p><p>major global challenges.</p><p>Climate change is already at the top of the agenda for </p><p>world leaders and many countries are acting to reduce their </p><p>greenhouse gas emissions. Other emissions from energy </p><p>use, such as carbon monoxide and smoke, create health </p><p>hazards, particularly in developing countries, and the search </p><p>is on for cleaner solutions. At the same time, countries are </p><p>concerned about the security of their energy supplies and </p><p>are looking for ways to diversify their sources of energy.</p><p>According to some projections, demand for electricity could </p><p>nearly double by 2030, increasing CO2 emission from power </p><p>generation by up to 70%. However, some two-thirds of the </p><p>generating plant required to meet world needs in 2030 has </p><p>yet to be built so there is a great opportunity to invest in </p><p>secure, sustainable power generation for the future.</p><p>And economic growth is projected to increase demand </p><p>for transport fuels, particularly in the emerging </p><p>economies of Asia.</p><p>There is therefore an urgent and growing demand for energy </p><p>that enhances security and sustainability energy that can </p><p>be locally sourced, as well as being low in carbon emissions </p><p>and other environmental impacts.</p><p>The traditional use of hydrocarbons, such as oil, coal and </p><p>gas, will continue for decades, but a growing share of the </p><p>market will be taken up by these newer options.</p><p>There are many possibilities renewable power </p><p>advanced biofuels for transport alternative technology </p><p>to take the carbon dioxide out of fuels like coal. At a </p><p>grassroots level, simple products, such as new types </p><p>of cookers, can offer cleaner alternatives for emerging </p><p>consumers in developing countries and distributed energy </p><p>solutions will play an important part in meeting the energy </p><p>and environmental needs of urban areas. Natural gas has a </p><p>major continuing role to play as the hydrocarbon with the </p><p>least environmental impact.</p><p>Alternative Energy: secure, sustainable energy</p><p>At BP Alternative Energy were investing in new ways of providing energy from innovative new solar and wind businesses to advanced biofuels and clean energy technologies such as the capture and storage of carbon dioxide from traditional fossil fuels. These will provide customers with clean, secure energy and they will shape the evolution of the global energy industry in the coming decades.</p><p>BP Solar is a leading global business, building on a thirty year </p><p>track record, which has more than doubled its manufacturing </p><p>capacity since BP Alternative Energy was launched. With </p><p>more expansion planned in India, Spain and the US, the </p><p>business is on track to grow its annual manufacturing capacity </p><p>to over 700MW over the next few years. Were marketing </p><p>solar solutions to consumers and businesses around the </p><p>world and investing in a series of research projects to </p><p>investigate ways of making more efficient solar cells.</p><p>In Wind we are developing a large portfolio of projects, </p><p>working with partners to deploy advanced turbine technology. </p><p>In the US, were building major wind farms and we have the </p><p>opportunity to develop almost 100 projects with a potential </p><p>total generating capacity of some 15,000MW. Weve also </p><p>built our first project in Asia.</p><p>In Gas-fired power we have stakes in some 12,000MW </p><p>of generation capacity in Europe, USA and Asia. Natural </p><p>gas produces electricity with half the carbon footprint of </p><p>conventional coal fired plants.</p><p>In Hydrogen we are working with partners to develop </p><p>hydrogen-fuelled power projects that use fossil fuels such as </p><p>coal or gas, but capture and store the carbon dioxide (CO2), </p><p>thus offering vast potential to generate clean power. For </p><p>example, our project in Abu Dhabi plans to produce both clean </p><p>electricity and provide a means of enhancing the recovery of </p><p>oil by injecting the captured CO2 back into a an oil field, where </p><p>it will sweep out additional oil and be ultimately stored.</p><p>In Biofuels our business in conventional products such </p><p>as bio-ethanol is already substantial, accounting for about </p><p>10% of the world market. However, as well as providing </p><p>todays biofuels, were also developing tomorrows. In the </p><p>UK, for example, we plan to invest around $400 million with </p><p>partners in two plants one being a world-scale bioethanol </p><p>plant and the other a research and demonstration plant for </p><p>biobutanol a new type of biofuel. We are investing $500 </p><p>million over 10 years in the Energy Biosciences Institute to </p><p>explore options for advanced biofuels and other applications </p><p>of biotechnology to energy. And were also investing in new </p><p>types of feedstock.</p><p>Our Distributed Energy business has already made </p><p>headway in providing energy consumers in the developing </p><p>world with viable and sustainable energy solutions. In India </p><p>we have created a sustainable business model serving </p><p>thousands of households with our biomass stove and </p><p>pelletised fuel cooking solution and in South Africa we have </p><p>commercially tested a solution to help emerging consumers </p><p>move to a more progressive use of paraffin.</p><p>Alternative Energy: a portfolio of businesses and technologies</p><p>In 2005 we said our aim was to spend $8 billion on clean, secure alternative energy solutions over a ten year period. Were ahead of plan to meet that commitment in fact the growth of good business opportunities means that were now planning to invest at nearly twice that rate and weve since developed each of our businesses in new ways.</p><p>Inner</p><p>5285-AE Folder (artwork).indd 2 18/2/08 18:06:26</p></li><li><p>BP Around the world</p><p>BP has worldwide assets of more than $200 billion. </p><p>Serving millions of retail customers a day across six continents, BP is a leader in the development of cleaner-burning fuels.</p><p>BP has a 14 year track record of replenishing its oil and gas reserves by more than its annual production.</p><p>BP launched its Alternative Energy business in 2005. Today, Alternative Energy brings together BPs interests in low-carbon energy including solar, wind, biofuels and gas-fired power generation. </p><p>For more info about BP worldwide, please visit: www.bp.com</p><p>BP in the US</p><p>BP is the leading producer of oil and natural gas in the United States, and the largest investor in US energy development.</p><p>Since 2001, BP has invested $30 billion in the United States, including major investments to increase existing energy sources, extend energy supplies and develop new low-carbon technologies.</p><p>BP employs more than 33,000 people in the US and has $40 billion in fixed assets.</p><p>Every year, we market more than 15 billion gallons of gasoline through BP, ARCO and Amoco-branded retail outlets.</p><p>BP is one of the largest blenders and marketers of biofuels in the US. In 2007, BP blended 763 US million gallons of ethanol and about 1 million US gallons of biodiesel. Today, BP biofuels are available in more than 20 states.</p><p>BP operates the nations largest, fully integrated solar manufacturing plant in Frederick, Maryland, where it manufactures solar panels from start to finish.</p><p>For more info about BP in the US, please visit www.bp.com/us</p><p>BP is one of the worlds largest energy companies, providing its customers with fuel for transportation and energy for heat and light.BP employs approximately 97,600 people worldwide and more than 33,000 in the United States. BPs family of brands includes Amoco, Aral, ARCO, BP and Castrol.</p><p>BP is also among the worlds most progressive large enterprises. We not only have great positions in many of the major hydrocarbon basins of the world and great market positions in the key economies, we were also the first major energy company to acknowledge the need for precautionary action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. With a robust strategy in place, we are already preparing for the future by building a new low-carbon energy business BP Alternative Energy.</p><p>Today BP continues to lead the effort to meet the worlds growing demand for sustainable, environmentally responsible energy.</p><p>about BP</p></li><li><p>Wind power</p><p>BPs US wind portfolio includes the opportunity to develop almost 100 projects with a potential total generating capacity of some 15,000 MW :</p><p>We have already built the 300MW Cedar Creek wind farm in Colorado with our partners Babcock &amp; Brown. This 274-wind turbine facility is one of the largest single wind-farms in the country.</p><p>Other major projects underway include two wind farms in Texas the 60MW Silver Star I and the 150MW Sherbino I, being built in partnership with Clipper Windpower and NRG Energy respectively.</p><p>Together with our partner Dominion, we are also constructing the 750MW Fowler Ridge wind farm in Indiana, which will be built in phases the first producing 400MW of energy and additional phases generating a further 350MW.</p><p>In California, we are re-powering the existing Edom Hills wind energy facility, in the San Gorgonio Pass, which will see 139 small Windmatic turbines replaced with eight Clipper Windpower Liberty 2.5MW turbines, increasing the overall power capacity to 20MW.</p><p>To further accelerate the growth of BPs US wind business, we have signed turbine agreements with Vestas Wind Systems of Denmark, Nordex of Germany and General Electric headquartered in New York. The combined orders for some 750MW will be delivered over the next two years.</p><p>Solar power</p><p>Our US Solar business is increasing its profile through a number of initiatives:</p><p>We are investing $97 million to expand the nations largest fully-integrated solar manufacturing facility in Frederick, Maryland, which will nearly double its casting and sizing capacity. These processes are used to manufacture silicon wafers, the essential components of solar panels.</p><p>To reach customers, BP Solar Home Solutions systems are available through The Home Depot stores in California; New Jersey; Arizona; Long Island, New York; Denver and Boulder, Colorado; and Austin, Texas.</p><p>In California, we work with OCR Solar and Roofing, Northern Californias largest roofing company, to offer homebuilders solar energy solutions for new homes including our EnergyTile product, a roof-tile that blends seamlessly into the design of the roof. In addition, we are working with Wal-Mart to install solar energy systems for seven Wal-Mart Stores in California.</p><p>In terms of research, BP and the California Institute of Technology have teamed up in a multi-million dollar research programme focusing on radical new ways of producing solar cells to make the cost of solar electricity more competitive and to increase current efficiency levels. We are participating in a $40 million research and development programme sponsored by the US Department of Energy, with $20million provided by BP Solar, aimed at decreasing the cost of solar cells and increasing their efficiency.</p><p>Biofuels</p><p>In Biofuels, our business in the US is already substantial, accounting for about 10% of the global biofuels market:</p><p>In 2007, we blended 763 million US gallons of ethanol and about 1 million US gallons of biodiesel.</p><p>We are also supporting work to investigate options for more advanced biofuels by investing $500 million over 10 years (2006-2016) in the Energy Biosciences Institute (EBI), hosted by the University of California Berkeley and its partners the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Researchers at the EBI will perform ground-breaking research into production of cleaner energy using biotechnology, initially focusing on renewable biofuels.</p><p>Gas-fired power</p><p>In gas-fired power, we are building a 250MW steam turbine power-generating plant in addition to our existing gas turbines at BPs Texas City refinery. This will reduce emissions and improve both energy and operational efficiency. It will also help to boost the regions electricity supply, as power not required for refining operations will be sold into the local markets.</p><p>BP Alternative Energy in the USIn the US, BP Alternative Energy invests in a diverse range of low...</p></li></ul>


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