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<ul><li> 1. Boyce Avenue is a mainstreamAmerican band that originated inSarasota Florida. By three brothers,Alejandro, Daniel and FabianManzano. The name of the band camefrom the intersections of the twostreets that the brothers grew up on.The band was formed in 2004, afterDaniel Manzano moved back toFlorida after he graduated HarvardLaw School.</li></ul> <p> 2. The name of the band came fromthe intersections of the twostreets that the brothers grew upon. The band was formed in 2004,after Daniel Manzano movedback to Florida after he graduatedHarvard Law School. 3. Daniel plays the bass, percussion and is a background vocalist. He is currently 31 years old, and is living in Gainesville, Florida. 4. Alejandro is the leadvocalist, plays the piano,along with the guitar. Heis 25 years old and isliving in Gainesville,Florida. He attended theUniversity of Florida. 5. Fabian is one of the vocalistin the band, along withplaying the guitar. Hestudied architecture at theUniversity of Florida. Healso resides in Gainesville,Florida. 6. Boyce avenue uses their Facebook Page to share new music, exciting news, along with communicating with their fans. They also post photos and videos of interviews and past shows. This is an excellent way to reach many people at one time. 7. Twitter is another way for the band to communicate withtheir fans, keep them updated, and share news quickly. 8. Youtube is how I first heard Boyce Avenue. They have a music channel toshare their music. This is how a lot of fans discovered them, becausethis is one of the first Social Media site that they joined as a band. 9. Boyce Avenue is a band that started on a social mediasite and now is touring worldwide. Youtube had beenthe gateway for many bands and artists. They cover alot of popular songs, along with producing their ownmusic. Boyce Avenue made a successful career takingadvantage of all the social media sites that they knewof.</p>