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Presentation from ISTE12 session, Inside the New Idea Factory, June 27, 2012


<ul><li> 1. Inside the New Idea FactorySuzie Boss</li></ul> <p> 2. We need to out-innovate, out-educate, and out-build the restof the worldThats how well win the future. ~President Obama 2011 State of the Union 3. #1: Creativity and InnovationStudents demonstrate creativethinking, construct knowledge,and develop innovative productsand processes using technology. 4. Lets reframeas a problemstatement:How might webring innovationto school? 5. Lets use the process that innovators use: Frame the issue Generate ideas Test and improve (iterative design cycles) Share 6. Process: Frame the issueWhere do we find innovation?What do we know about innovators?What good ideas can we borrow from them? 7. Appreciating Our Innovation Roots 8. Fast Forward: Motor City to Maker City 9. Tinkerers: Mt. Elliott Makerspace 10. Problem Solvers: Studio H 11. Dont Overlook Social Innovators 12. Flattening of InnovationAfrica: India:Jua KaliJugaad 13. Process: Generate IdeasWhen happens when your district has aseed fund for innovation?Lets hear fromPam Moran,Albemarle County PublicSchools, Virginia 14. How else do innovators generate ideas?Be opportunisticThink in metaphorsTake time to mess aroundLearn to failLook for crossroads 15. Why metaphors? Call me Trimtab. 16. Why metaphors? StripeSpotter 17. More metaphors: eHarmony for 18. Why celebrate failure? 19. Challenge: Learn to Fail Smarter 20. Process: Test and improveHenry Ford Learning InstitutesFoundations of Innovation 21. What emerges fromdesign thinkingprocess?Carry-all for homelessfrom HFA: AlamedaSchool for Art andDesign, San Antonio 22. Final step: ShareDots in Blue Water, Berne, IndianaDots in Blue Water, Berne, IndianaDots in Blue Water, Berne, Indiana 23. Final step: Share 24. Lets crowdsource:Add to the Google Doc:How Do We Foster Innovation? 25. Lets connect:Twitter: @suziebossEmail: </p>