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    ACityIn The Making

    SIXTEENTH YEAR Woodbridgft, N. J., Friday Afternoon, December 3, 1926



    Huge Booze Plant OccupiedFour Flpors of FormerMaclac Factory Buildingin Heart of k

    SEVEN MEN ESCAPEClever Signal System Con-

    necting all Floors. WarnedW o r k e r s of FederalAf emV Approach.

    The most complete alcohol distill-In^ plant yet discovered In New Jer-1Hey, by, the Federal prohibition au-thorities was found Wednesday Inthe former Mac Lac plant In Hamiltonstreet on,the Robinson branch of theRahway river In the heart ot Rahway

    i less than a black from'Irving street.Alcohol In drums ready for shipment night 7riThe

    Democratic ClubDanct Tomorrow

    flight ,

    Everybody U Invited to at-tr>iid the big dance, to be giventmr,4hetuiip*>R of the Demn-oratlc Club of WoodbrldR*Township at thn School streetParish House tomorrow nlgM.Dancing will start at eifihto'clock. Music win be by one ofthe be*t orchestras in tht* vlclu-Ity.

    Tho committee In charge ofthe event has sold practically alltickets, but admission ticketsmay be had at the door. Ladiesare admitted free of charge.There Is a nominal admissionfee for gentlemen, . ,,

    Township olllclals and suc-cessful candidates wh6 will takeofllee on January first will be onhand to geeet guests from allparts of the Township. No efforthas been spared to make every-one welcome and assured of agood time.


    win H a r t a t eifiht | M , J ur , L . t t i

    Muptc win be by ono of A 'Named rather liritlett As-

    sembly" to Perpetuate

    Memory of Priest WhoHelped to Found LocalCouncil.

    Expect LargeAudience at

    Collegian PlayA large Hudience In1 expected to-


    The KatluT Orlffen Assembly ofthe Fourth Degree, Knights ot Co-lumbus, Middlesex Council, #6. W7.has been formed" In Woodbridge.This Ig thf hlshcHt degree to whicha member of the Knight's organiza-tion ear uttatn. after having reached.the third degree. Permission* to of-


    Ephraim Cutter, Esteemed byWhole Community, WaiStaunch Democrat andActive in Civic Ljie.

    HELD MANY OFFICESOne of Found* t of Literary;

    Society. F neral to beHeld Tomor )w from Con-gregational ' hurch.

    Five GenerationsPresent at Baby

    it ChristenedTwenty-on* relatives

    frieada were present, at*ome of Mi and Mrs. RH u n , of m - Central avenue.Weetfleld, N. ,J., Sunday. No- ,vember , f m , when Rev, >Robert W.> Mar* bftptlied'theirson Wlllard Raymond Jr. '

    Mrs. H*nn In the former Miss 1

    Maftlft Holing ot WotilUi Idge.Mr. Mark *ua at one time putterof the l'reibyterlan chureh




    K a local asMtebly was grsnteato {ht Woodbridge organlutton byM t R M h

    '" the degth o{ dbridge organlutton byMaster Robert F. McQrory, of the last WednesdaySecond District of New Jefsey, who bridge Township Jo

    Club on Sunday evening.Th bl

    d r l n8The assembly was named after tfre ot the ablest lawy

    i late Father John J. Grlften, former HIB death comespastor of at. James parlsn, of Wood"-] many; who knewbridge, whs.asslsted in the founding and social way. Hof the local Knights ot Columbus somewhat aloof duCouncil. years of his llngerl

    1" lV1"'! '" -" "/ " on^iiirm n l g t l t | n t ) l e H | K h g c h o o l a u a t t o r | U n , Meetings will Dwaa found In Jare auantltlej. taluedto. . i tne the. second pjay to be S u n d a / .evening*;-'svt thousands of dollars,- igiven-by the Woodbridge Collejlitntake^ leading-a

    Meetings will be held monthly* on missed by many.The assembly will Democrat In politii

    participation in. ttuand active part in

    Only two men from the Federaluniy iwp men rrom tne fceoerajflee figured ,in' lhe,rali andof this fact seven of the eight menidticing lines and actionat the plant got away. - One of the! The Dlav centers abou

    i Club, "A StrenuouB Life." by ffic-h-1 c h a r I t a b l e w o r l t o o n e by the JCnlgMs, He lite, 6elg whex,'uA iHWHtMi Tully. The-play ie in! a n ( 1 w l " Inaugurate social affairs. |toroey for Peter ' w ' 1 0 'a comPelled toplant, was arrested and locked up i t : j j ^ e s ' be^onThir^nt *\police headquarters. A plumber whd'furnishes the whei-wjthallfor manyhad" been working at Hie plant was humorous situations. In tlie

    Golf;Admiral, Maurice P.. Dunlgan; Faith-ful Comptrollerj"Artflur

    vlous administrateCuttar at 1


    i Jo* Raveio, neighborhood shoemaker of Crampton .avenue,, was at Mrs.. Gudowitky's wake last night, fire* .'

    broke out in his humble little story-and-a-half bungalow, and >devoured completely what hatjl been his home and workshopduring the seven yan that he TO* in Woodbridge. .

    "Juat a shack burning." jsaid .people who saw the flare 'ofthe flames from faraway, and returned to their beds, but to ,Joe, who is fifty-four, bent and otd after a lifetime o,f toil,, thefire could have btfen no more destructive if it had razed theproud mansion o / a millionaire. . - . ' ,

    That "little shack" "represented all he, had in -this world.There he had lived, friendly and popular with his neighbors,content and happy to repair the well-worn shoes of workingfolk (Juring the day, and to find kindly sympathy and friendli-ness at the neighborhood store'tif evenings. For Joe ia alone inthe world. He did have a wife and two SOIJB in the old country, 'and content to remain there. But the war1 came along, and his.twa^fioys marched into the mountain fastnesses of Galicia, taredeem-that ancjenft. province of Italy in the great struggle?

    w Both were kilted in action. It wa,s too much for his wife, she-W a i gr ieved and pined ' a w a y , and two ; ;

    ara ig(LB.h r.dled. . . j . . - j . ^ b ^ gptklt' hslj burned."And so all Joe had was hla tittle chimed In the eleven-year-olff tWerr '

    home on Crampton avenue', a home-| "But 1 gpt "burned1 worse Jn anjf-that hBd1>een built after much rare-, body." suld Mary.At the regular monthly meeting

    lof thc>'Woodhridi;r I'nm N* H* The ful planning, and the generous tid-j The Hungarian neighbors who hadtimes possessed. American Legion,-hrld In {] Legion, vice ot neighbors. Every detail hftd' flocked to tlie,*koi:e-forgot lor a rain

    the complete confld* nee of hlB clients rooms, Memorial HutldlnK, un b*rlday;been of the utmost "importance' ttr nte the fresh tragedy of Joe's, ami. . . . .. . .

    ^ p , ral(ith. 126. the1 htm. Every two-by-four had been started to recall the night when Mr.

    I'lectfld by the earned by his shoemaker's' last, l.t and Mrs. Vart;os and Maryland thenot arrested urion aitreement loan- Tom has a change ot heart and re- '"''' l l l lK1' """ u'-K'uaRn t ln'' l s. Henry, as'Township- attorney from 1884 toj following officers ,.,, , , r l , , ; u a, ,,- c u l l l ^ u OJ , . 0 1 1 u c u . o ^ . . ..,. ..,-

    Itr "f wanted mlf vouched te'p-U . t e n M i d . oul[that 'Vril, W ' R o n l o n d ttnd John H. Concannoh. m 9 ; _ ^ ^ a l n ^ r o m H M t o mi.^o* members for th , ,nulng-r: : u a happy day tdr Joe when the kid.;- had been in-danger ot fleryby thr local police department., crushed to earth will rise again."

    ton.. ^f Hit, hr|i;)j V cast Includes Charlesfactory bullqlnt! were used for thH Charles Bolilke, JamesBianufacturt! ot alcohol. The build- Edward Augustine, Thomas Brennim,in>; was equipped witli most modern Alfred Bowers, .Jr., Miss Jluth Au-appllancea, with sfjeakltiK tubes, (fllstine, Miss Helen Ausustlne, MissbusswrB and m^ahs of Instant com- Wrbthy Leonard, Miss Evelynmunication with every worker In the Schoonover and Miss Winifred Drpn-

    weather death, while Joe nodded hid head Inshingles corrobor'utlon.

    -I f \ I I) K T S A I- |

    'Ah, the poor KluS. n,G S&lu.

    plant.When the two prohibition agents

    nan.,Mlas Grace C. Hu'ber has beenj

    forced open the middle door or the e c h i n i ; the production.plant In the y>rd the workers at the w l " ^ l l o w th f '" m ?

    l b hw l " ,i m l a l c by the

    w l t h

    plunt escaped by other exltu, excepttwo captured by the agent accom! ~~'panting Curirfe, and one of these Q i 1 C l 1broke away a moment later. The . j j | , J j | S * O C l l O O lplumber made his escape, but camenauDterlng by the place a few ,mlii-utcs,..later, and was Immediately rec-OKMI KI and temporarily held. Hismime was not divulged.

    Three 1,000-galIon stills on the up-pet floor of the plant gave some Ideaof th extensive gperatlon well ufi-|

    Col. French to Speak on Vol-

    timquelday even-an illustrated entertainment on)family of Woodbridge, of which aev-^ng, December 10th, 1926, beginning

    ["Mount Pelee, Martinique" and theieral'branches now exlBt. Hampton: at 8 P. M. under tb,e direction/'Destruction of St. Pierre" at therCtftter, Jr., well known miner of re-. Mrs. Ernest Hunt and a committeep"" '!""'Avenel Bn da hot andcoat and run from da house.. Diomlo! I see. one big flame,, I run, Itall down, I see nothing but all white,

    thl She's a all gone! Furniture, every-.thing!* 1 got leather In there tor

    the nearest house to phone. He wasso excited, he said, he could


    ^ to rive the


    1 the

    "What >4i"appened to the three lit-tle rabbits,'Joe?" rtrllled the eleven

    I year old Bister. I "Shut up." said Mary.

    , . . , l r , . ... .-., . >iut . u n c u n w C.HV1..C . u u , , 4 . I "Da Uddla rabbits," said Joe,Interment wlir be at tne Alpine D e a u t U u , ^ r h e g n a v e ^n donated

    t l o n - " ~ ^ 7 " " " ", 4 J I r