book iv lesson two out of the ordinary: superheroes

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Book IV Lesson Two Out of the Ordinary: Superheroes

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  • Book IV Lesson Two Out of the Ordinary: Superheroes
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  • Childhood n. Childish Childlike Adulthood Parents all want to provide their children with a happy childhood.
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  • Release n. v. to place a new product on the market Release a new album/movie Issue (newspapers, magazines) Publish (a book) release= set free Translation: .
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  • Supernatural adj. related to magic and having no natural or science explanation Ant. Natural Supernatural belief/power Native Americans believe that most diseases are caused by supernatural powers, such as evil spirits.
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  • Invisible adj. Visible to the naked eye Vision n. The Invisible Man
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  • Theme n. The main subject or topic of sth. The theme of the festival/novel/meeting/book Theme song/theme park
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  • Extraordinary adj. Different from what is usual or regular Syn. Incredible, unusual Ant. Ordinary
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  • Shoot v. (shoot-shot-shot) To fire sth. from an object, to hurt sb. with a gun, bow, and arrow Shoot basket A good shot
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  • Swing v. Swing-swung-swung Swing back and forth
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  • Average adj. n. average weight/height/score Syn. General, ordinary Studies have shown that women live longer than men on average.
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  • Quote n. v. Syn. Quotation He quoted Shakespeare as saying
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  • Legendary adj. legend
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  • Undergo v. experience Undergo surgery/operation/treatment
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  • Injection n. The action of forcing liquid into someones body or something with a needle Inject v. The drugs were injected into the patient to prevent her from waking up during the surgery.
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  • Strength n. Mental/physical strength Strengthen v. Ant. Weaken Strengthen ties/links with
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  • Unbreakable adj. Unlikely to be broken Ant. Breakable, fragile
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  • Shield n. A broad piece of metal or other hard material used for protection
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  • Defend v. Protect someone or something from harm or danger Defend ones family/ country/ Defense n. Defensive adj. protective Offend v. Offense n. Offensive adj.
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  • Weapon n. Chemical/ nuclear /secret weapons
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  • Enemy n.
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  • Recent adj. Recently adv. This river used to be seriously polluted, but in recent years it has been cleaned.
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  • Crime n. Action that break the law Commit/ fight a crime Crime rate Criminal n. adj.
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  • Witness n. v. George was the only person that witnessed the robbery. He was totally terrified. Key/ crucial/ principal witness
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  • Will n. She has a strong will and is determined to win the competition.
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