Bones, Muscles And Joints

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A short presentation about how bones muscles and joints work together to allow movement


  • 1. Bones, Muscles and Joints
  • 2. Bones
    • They provide support for our body and form our general shape
    • Some bones provide protection for organs, like the skull protecting the brain, or spine protecting the spinal cord
    • For their weight, bones are very strong
  • 3. What Are Bones Made Of?
    • Bones have several parts, but are mainly made out of calcium deposits
    • It takes about 20 years for our bones to completely harden
    • The building of bones happens throughout our lives
  • 4. Joints
    • Joints are where two or more bones meet
    • They make our skeleton flexible and allow us to move
  • 5. Types of Joints
    • Freely Moveable: Joints with a large range of motion
    • Partially Moveable: Joints with a limited range of motion. Examples are the vertebrate in your spine
    • Immovable: Joints that do not move. Examples are in the skull which is made up of several bones fused together
  • 6. Muscles
    • Masses of tough, elastic tissue that pull on bones which cause movement
    • There are two kinds of muscles: Skeletal Muscle and Smooth Muscle
  • 7. Muscle Types
    • Skeletal Muscle: Muscles that we are able to control and move
    • Smooth Muscle: Muscles that work without our control. Examples include the heart, stomach, and intestines
  • 8. Muscles and Joints
    • When muscles contract (get smaller) joints are moved.
    • Muscles do all of their work when they contract, not when they expand


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