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Presentation of the basic functioning of BAHA and it bilateral effecitveness.


  • 1. Audiometric Evaluation ofBilaterally FittedBone-Anchored HearingAidArjan BosmanAd. F.M. SnikCitty T.M. van der PonwEmmanuel A.M. MylanusCor W.R.J.CremersDepartment of Otorhinolarynglogy,University Hospital Nijmegen,Nijmegen,The NetherlandsGuided By: Dr. Manasa R. PandaPresented By: Nehasish Sahu1

2. IntroductionThe most common audiological management of persons with hearing impairment is hearing aid i.e. air conduction hearing aid.These days, due to advancement of technology, a lot has been achieved in terms of patient satisfaction using conventional hearing aids. However, there are groups of people, who might not get desired benefit through this approach. 2 3. Need of BAHA.Complication arises in some conditions where conventional air conduction hearing aids fail to provide desired benefit.These conditions include:CSOM,Congenital aural atresia,Microtia,CholesteatomaMiddle ear dysfunction or disease & etc.3 4. How should we HELP them ? 4 5. Bone conduction hearing aid OrBone anchored hearing aid5 6. Bone conduction hearing aid This is a head-worn device Transmits sounds transcutaneously to the skull. Band/Spectacle or such things are required to fix the aid.Disadvantages of Bone conduction hearing aid Proper attachment is not gained. High frequencies are attenuated by the skin and the soft tissue layer. Irritation may be felt while wearing. Sound quality is judged to be poor. 6 7. 7 8. Basics of BAHA.A bone-anchored hearing aid (BAHA) consists of;-A titanium fixture, and-A small detachable sound processor.BAHAs are suitable for people with conductive or mixedhearing loss.They can be used unilaterally or bilaterally for peoplewith bilateral hearing loss.8 9. Types of BAHA 9 10. Types of BAHA.Classic Compact Cordelle 10 11. Components of BAHA.3 1 Titanium implant placed in the bone just behind the ear22 Abutment which coupled with the fixture and act as a connector1to the speech processor 3 External sound processor which connects to the implant11 12. Who is a BAHA candidate?> 5 years oldMixed or conductive hearing lossBone conduction pure-tone average(500, 1k, 2k & 3k)in the indicated ear >= 45 dB HL Word discrimination score 60%For single sided Deafness(SSD), candidates must havenormal hearing in one ear (AC PTA > 20 dB HL) andprofound hearing loss in contralateral hearFor bilateral hearing loss Should have symmetricalBC thresholds (


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