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  1. 1. High Speed Catamaran Hull Development BMT have a large range of high speed monohull and catamaran designs In order to meet client requirements for good levels of comfort in rough water conditions, the company has developed new hybrid catamaran / SWATH (Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull) designs that offer significant improvement in vessel motions in higher sea states. Hull development was initiated by extensive work undertaken for USN on Seafighter project
  2. 2. High Speed Catamaran Hull Development Conventional High Speed Catamaran Low power requirement Moderate seakeeping capability Can be susceptible to uncomfortable pitch, roll and couple pitch and roll motions SWATH Excellent Seakeeping Capability achieved by small waterplane area that reduces response of vessel to wave motions High power requirement Limited speed capability
  3. 3. High Speed Catamaran Hull Development MODCAT Hybrid Semi-SWATH Catamaran Design Developed for USN to offer improverd motions in rough sea states developed by BMT Nigel Gee. Motions (~50% reduction) Powering small power increase in calm water Power saving in rough water / Reduced speed loss in waves
  4. 4. High Speed Catamaran Hull Development New eXtreme Semi-Swath (XSS) hull form design combines the benefits of Swath hull forms and catamarans Very good motions in rough sea conditions through SWATH type low waterplane area hull form in conjunction with high speed Ride Control System (RCS) using T-Foil and interceptor. Higher power than Modcat hull form but offering outstanding motions for reduced seasickness / increased passenger comfort Easy maintenance of main engines and waterjet propulsion
  5. 5. High Speed Craft - What Goes Where ? The following looks at the performance benefits of different catamaran hull form designs for high speed operation. MODCAT (Semi- SWATH Catamaran) Slight increase in powering over catamaran Improved seakeeping Good for high speed ops on rougher routes XSS (extreme Semi- SWATH catamaran) Higher fuel use / more limitation in speed over cat Exceptional seakeeping Good for med to high speed ops on rough routes Catamaran Good efficiency/ fuel use Good seakeeping Good for high speed ops on reasonably sheltered routes