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The British Military Tournament is an unforgettable and breathtaking opportunity to marvel at the skills and precision of the British Armed Forces while showing appreciation for our heroic servicemen and women. Set within a dazzling arena production, this unmissable show is the largest display of military theatre anywhere in the world.


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  • Welcome to The British Military Tournament 2011 Celebrating The Special Relationship



  • patron HRH The Prince of Wales kg kt gcb om ak qso pc adc

    guests of honourfriday 2nd december 2011

    Evening HM The Queen

    saturday 3rd december 2011

    Afternoon General Sir Nicholas Parker kcb cbe

    Evening Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Dalton kcb adc bsc fraes ccmi

    sunday 4th december 2011

    Afternoon Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope gcb obe

    Evening TRH the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester

    Chairman Major General Sir Evelyn Webb-Carter kcvo obe dl

    ProducerforIMG Stephen Flint Wood

    Director&Writer Christopher Joll

    ProductionDirector&DesignerforIMGNick Mattingley

    Presented by ABF The Soldiers Charityin association with the Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity and the RAF Benevolent Fund

    The british Military

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  • The British Military Tournament is dedicated to all those members of the British & American Armed Forces who have been injured or who have lost their lives in the service of their their country in past and present conflicts


    The british Military


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  • Britains armed forces are the finest in the world. They represent the very best of what it means to be British and we are rightly very proud of them. So in a year in which the British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force have demon-strated extraordinary service and sacrifice, particularly in Libya and Afghanistan, I am delighted that the three armed services principal charities are presenting the British Military Tournament. This years Tournament tells the story of the special relationship with the United States of America. It is a story which of course begins with confrontation, but which ultimately celebrates the way in which two great nations have stood side by side to advance our common interests and protect our shared values of freedom and democracy. The principal aim of the Tournament is to raise funds to provide additional care for our service men and women, for those who have left service who are in need, and for the families of those who have been injured or bereaved. I think it is absolutely right that we should do all we can to help our service men and women and their families. They sacrifice so much to do their duty by us. The least we can do in return is to do our duty by them. That is why I am so determined that we should uphold the Military Covenant that special bond of gratitude and commitment between our society and those who risk their lives to defend our country. In the First and Second World Wars, when successive generations were fighting and dying, the military occupied a huge place in the national consciousness. The same was true during the Falklands. There was a real appreciation of what the military does. Today I believe we constantly need to think about what more we can do to support our service men and women and to recognise, thank and celebrate them for what they are doing for us. So as you sit back and enjoy the incredible spectacle that is the British Military Tournament, remember that behind the pomp and pageantry there are thousands of selfless men and women who put their lives on the line for us every single day

    the prime minister October 2011

  • For almost a century, soldiers, sailors and aviators from the United States have stood shoulder-to-shoulder with their comrades from the United Kingdom.

    From Europe to Africa to Asia, hundreds of thousands have fought and died together in the name of freedom. Under the flags of NATO and the United Nations, they have also served as peacekeepers across the world.

    Through such remarkable actions, all those exceptional individuals have helped in their own way to strengthen the special relationship between our two nations that endures to this day.

    As President Obama said during his State Visit, our alliance remains essential and indispensable to our mutual ambition of a more peaceful, more prosperous and more just world.

    In his words, We are the nations most willing to stand up for the values of tolerance and self-determination that lead to peace and dignity.

    With our troops standing together once again, I am delighted with the British Military Tournaments timely salute to our unique, vital and resilient partnership. A partner-ship built on common faith in liberty and human dignity, and fortified by shared service and sacrifice on the battlefield.

    As U.S. Ambassador, I am especially proud that the American military will be playing its part in this years extravaganza. It is yet another example of the close friendship between our servicemen and women.

    I very much hope you enjoy the evening. It is a great opportunity to celebrate the special relationship, the achievements of our armed forces, and to remember their extraordinary courage and selfless dedication to duty on our behalf.

    HE Louis B. SusmanUnited States Ambassador to

    the Court of St. James

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    ry Dallal

  • On behalf of ABF The SoldiersCharity I would like to welcome you to Earls Court and this the second British Military Tournament. I would also like to extend a warm welcome to the Band of the Royal Marines, the RAF Regiment, the RAF Police, the Central Band of the Royal Air Force, the US Army Drill Team and the US Army Europe Band & Chorus. This year the Tournament is not only once again tri-service but international as well.

    The work of raising money for the charities that support the nations armed services gets no easier. In addition to the vital fund raising work of our regional networks, The Soldiers Charity relies on major fund raising events, such as this Tournament, The Big Curry Lunch and The Soldiers Challenge to raise the very substantial amount of money currently our annual target is 14 million a year by 2015 that we need in order to meet the growing demands that are and will be made upon the charity. This demand is every bit as real for the other services charities as it is for us. I am delighted, therefore, that we are able, for the first time, to help them with their own fund raising targets by sharing with them the proceeds of this Tournament. Long may this co-operation be allowed to continue.

    The Tournament is designed to be both entertaining and informative. I believe you will come away from the performance having had a good time and, perhaps, having learnt a bit more not only about the work we do but about how it arises. We in turn will benefit from your attendance and for that, on behalf of all three charities, I would like to send you my sincere thanks.

    general the lord guthrie of craigiebankgcb lvo obe dl

    President of ABF The Soldiers Charity

  • The Boeing Company is once again honoured to be the lead sponsor for the British Military Tournament.

    Our relationship with the British military extends more than 70 years and is represented by iconic aircraft like the Harvard, Dakota and Boston. It is as vibrant today and represented by other iconic aircraft; the Chinook, C-17 and Apache.

    The successful reintroduction of this exceptional event last year demonstrated its enduring value. We are here today to reinforce our commitment and continue our support for the British Armed Forces and their families. Their lives are often funda-mentally changed by their dedicated and courageous service and it deserves to be recognized

    The focus of this years British Military Tournament is on the special relationship between the United Kingdom and the United States, a spirit that naturally resonates with us. The show will cover some of the shared 250-year military history of our countries.

    We are delighted that this years event will expand to benefit the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund and the Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity as well as the organizing founders, the Army Benevolent Fund.

    Please accept our sincere thanks to all who support this years event. It is a privilege for us to be a part of the British Military Tournament 2011.

    michael m kurth

    Managing Director of Boeing Defence UK Ltd

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    An Introduction to

    the british Military tournaMent

    When, last year, we were given the go-ahead to stage the British Military Tournament we took the decision to adopt a narrative line rather than to revert to the variety show format of the Tournaments pre-decessor, the Royal Tournament. Accord-ingly, the inaugural show took the form of a highly abbreviated account of the history of the British Army.

    This year, whilst filling in some but by no means all of the gaps left in last years narrative, we focus on the story of Britains special relationship with the United States of America.

    As the show unfolds, you will see that that this relationship has not always been an easy one. Indeed, it would be possible to interpret Churchills famous phrase, first coined by him in a speech given at Fulton, Missouri shortly after World War II, as especially awful until the late 19th century. And in this

    Whilst focusing on the US/UK relation-ship over the past 300 years, the British Military Tournament 2011 is delighted to welcome participating units from the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force, both of which services have had, at different times, a pivotal role in our conflicts both against and in partnership with the United States.

    I hope that you enjoy this years show and that you will want to return next year to see how we devise a Tournamen