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  • Blood of The seaBlood of The sea

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    EnEmIEsofthEsEA 16

    GEArofthEsEA 18

    WondErsofthEsEA 20

    ArchEtypEsAndclAssoptIons 22

    AdvEnturInGonlAnd 26

    AdvEnturInGundErWAtEr 30

    Vacationing on the beach can be very dangerous. Here, Hakon tangles with an enraged cecaelia in the crashing surf in this exciting cover by Kiki Moch Rizky.

    REFERENCEThis book refers to several other Pathfinder Roleplaying Game products using the following

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    Advanced Players Guide APG

    Advanced Race Guide ARG

    Bestiary 4 B4

    Monster Codex MC

    Ultimate Combat UC

    Ultimate Equipment UE

    Ultimate Magic UM


    I've seen a lot of strange things on the ocean. Every sailor says that, I know. Talk o sea dragons and octopuses tearing ships apart with tentacles as big as buildings. Ships wrecked on coral palaces with the tips o their towers jutting up through the water like a reef. Holds full o gold sitting at the bottom of the sea, guarded by fish folk who love eating curious divers alive.

    Sometimes the strangest things, though, are the ones that stand right next to you, haulin on a rope. Swabbing the deck between shifts. Sharing out the grog at sunset. Ive sailed with emthe upright fish folk, the chatty ones that stink like a pile of fish left out on the deck at high noon. (Dont say anything about the smell, though. They get right sensitive about it.) They look like something what came up from a wreck after a hundred years underwater, but they pull their weight, I tell you.

    We had an elf, too, one of them sea elves with webs between their fingers. Never spoke two words to us if she could help it, but she knew the waters like I know my kitchen back home. Id catch her staring over the rail from time to time, looking into the water like she hoped someone was about to pop up, someone she knew.

    I thought theyd be like monsters. Cold and fishy and not like us. But thing is, after a while, you start to see how much they are like us. And thats the strangest thing of all.

    From the log of Cheriss Tar, swab on the Westerly Swell


  • Blood of The sea

    P eople of the deep have much in common with those who live on land. Aquatic creatures have homes and families, they fight to keep their communities safe from predators, and they work hard to support themselves and their loved ones. These undersea people build colonies everywhere in their watery domain, from the reefs and ridges near the surface, where the suns rays still pierce, to the deepest ocean trenches. Some prefer coastal settlements where they can interact with surface-dwelling creatures on a regular basis, but most value their privacy and have little to do with the dry world above. However, as with people living anywhere, aquatic creatures sometimes leave their homes in search of adventureor are forced to out of desperation.

    The thrill of danger and the call of riches motivate some of these intrepid undersea explorers. Hidden treasures lie beneath the water, some so ancient that no one alive knows of their existence. Aquatic creatures in search of secrets and power may well find them in a sunken temple or ancient palace, habitually shunned by undersea locals due to a long-standing fear of curses or of dark memories of aberrant horrors that lurk in the pitch-black depths of the vast oceans.

    Necessity drives others from their homes. Peril looms everywhere, and the threat of the sahuagins territorial expansion or the awakening of a leviathan can force adventurers to leave the comfort of their undersea lives to seek aid or to quest for a unique relic to save their communities. Some have no home to protect or no longer have one to return to. Others have sworn an oath that they can fulfill only above the waves. It is in these precarious times that aquatic adventurers must plan their expeditions into the dry world all the more carefully, for just like air-breathing creatures preparing for a descent into the sea, having the right gear makes all the difference.

    Aquatic adventurers may travel the darkest ocean depths or rise to the surface and explore the alien and hostile environments of dry land. The following pages present many different aquatic races likely to seek adventure, as well as the equipment, powers, and spells they use on their journeys.

    RACES OF THE SEAThis book details three races originating from the sea that are particularly suitable for player characters: aquatic elves, gillmen, and merfolk. Rules for PCs of these races appear in Pathfinder RPG Advanced Race Guide and Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Races.

    Three additional races are presented here as unusual PCs: half-octopus cecaelias, piscine locathahs, and noble tritons. These races are presented with racial traits using the race builder rules set forth in the Advanced Race Guide. Abilities that arent found in the Advanced Race Guide are provided with a race point (R