Blackboard Transact Spring Training 2014 - Liberty University Photo Upload

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"Ready, Aim, Submit: Photo Upload Grand Slam" Blackboard Transact Spring Training 2014 Scottsdale, AZ


<ul><li> 1. Ready, Aim, SubmitPhoto UploadGrand SlamDeborah Nightingale, Director, Card ServicesKelly Mayhew, Project Manager, IT DevelopmentFaith Maweu, Data Analyst, Business IntelligenceTony Erskine, Senior Developer, IT DevelopmentMarch 5, 2014</li></ul> <p> 2. 2LIBERTY UNIVERSITYLiberty University | Training Champions for Christ since 1971 12,000 resident students 90,000 on-line students 11, 000 come to campus for Intensives each yr 5,000 faculty/staffvs Card Services: 3 full time staff, 2 studentworkers 3. 3FACING THE PROBLEMS Providing a secure delivery option Easing the strain on staff Reducing orientation lines Engaging the online population 4. 4A DREAM WAS BORN Requested changes to existing applications Storyboard requests Collaborate with IT Development Let the fun begin! 5. 5IT DEV PROJECT Planned Architecture &amp; Technologies of newapplication Began development Maintained communication &amp; story backlogwith Card Office through daily scrum meetingsand bi-weekly backlog review meetings Deployed with phased functionality De-commissioned all old sites/links 6. 6 7. 7THE DREAM REALIZED 8. 8START THE PROCESS - Requestor 9. 9TERMS &amp; CONDITIONS - Requestor 10. 10ACCEPTABLE PHOTO - Requestor 11. 11VERIFY YOUR IDENTITY - Requestor 12. 12DELIVERY OPTION - Requestor 13. 13VERIFY &amp; REQUEST - Requestor 14. 14PENDING REQUESTS Card Office 15. 15SEARCH CAPABILITY Card Office 16. 16REQUEST HISTORY Card Office 17. 17APPROVE OR DENY Card Office 18. 18ACTIVATION PROCESS - Requestor 19. 19CONFIRMATION NOTICE - Requestor 20. 20APPLICATION DATAFall 2012 Spring 2013 Fall 2013Office Visits 6547 2311 6050Online Requests 310 1494 2821 21. 21TRAFFIC REPORT Google Analyticsprovides asnapshot of visitsby date range 22. 22Q &amp; A </p>