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Bite into my vocabulary words. Shark. I want to hear you say the words after me!. Species. Attack. Teeth. Mystery. Encounter. Gills. Cartilaginous. Predator. Ocean. S h a r k. Now it’s your turn!. Write a command sentence using the word shark. S p e c i e s. Now it’s your turn!. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Bite into my vocabulary words1SharkSpeciesAttackTeethMysteryEncounterGillsCartilaginousPredatorOceanI want to hear you say the words after me!

2S h a r k 3Now its your turn!Write a command sentence using the word shark.4S p e c i e s5Now its your turn!Write a sentence using the word species.6A t t a c k

7Now its your turn!Write an exclamatory sentence using the word attack.

8T e e t h

9Now its your turn!Write a compound sentence using the word teeth.10M y s t e r y

11Now its your turn!What is that mystery sound? Is it scary?12E n c o u n t e r 13Now its your turn!What would you do if you happened to encounter these fish while you were swimming in the ocean?14G i l l s 15Now its your turn!Draw a picture of a fish and circle the gills on the fish.

16C a r t i l a g i n o u s 17Now its your turn!Write a definition of cartilaginous.18P r e d a t o r

19Now its your turn!List three animals that could be a predator to other animals.20O c e a n

21Now its your turn!Write a question using the word ocean.22SharkSpeciesAttackTeethMysteryEncounterGillsCartilaginousPredatorOceanI want to hear you say the words when they start to move!!

23How many vocabulary words can you use in one sentence?24sharkspeciesattackteethmysteryencountergillscartilaginouspredatorocean25Did you take a bite ?26OUCH !27